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Nameless Language (Prototype)

This repo serves as a proof of concept. It shows how you can build a complex program using this visual programming language I created. Future work on this project can by found at my Nameless Language repository.

I decided to rewrite the project in ReasonML for several reasons:

  • I prefer the type system of ML-family languages over JavaScript's.
  • The language I'm creating has immutability by default, so it makes sense to implement it in a language that already behaves in that way.
  • This project takes some complex algorithms. Having compile-time type checks makes my code less brittle and saves time testing.
  • I wanted to rewrite the layout system so it would automatically position nodes nicely without requiring the user to drag them around.

I posted a story on how I came up with this language.


A lazy visual programming language. Functions, calls, and lambdas are all just boxes within boxes, and you can connect their inputs to outputs to make a program.



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