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This is a simple CRUD application developed while studying for Zend PHP Certification.

  • Please view erd.png in the root directory for the planned database structure.


Homepage -Creates 'agents' via 'Agents Sign up Here'. -Uses MySQL COUNT to show quantity of Agents in the Database. -Displays each 'agents' name and date registered.

Admin -Allows user to Edit, Delete and view information about each 'agent'.

Change Agent Password -Allows password change.

Login/Logout -Created functionality using SESSION.

Contact Page

  • Created a simple contact form using the mail() function

Improved Security Features -Added Security to the Login/Logout by storing HTTP_USER_AGENT in login.php and validating in loggedin.php.

  • Added spam_scrubber() function to contact.php to eliminate common spamming techniques

Performance Features

  • unset($mysqli); used when closing database connections in order to free up memory.

*Common Functionality - -Sortable Table of MySQL Database Query Results with Pagination.


My study of Objective-C, JavaScript and Ruby has given me an appreciation for Object Oriented Programming. Currently, this PHP code is using Procedural programming but I am in the process of learning and updating to OOP.

-I will use a framework, ZEND Framework 2.0, to update the codebase.

Buyers -The next step is for each 'agent' to create 'buyers' in the system. The index page will have a search module and results will paginate.

  • Adding upload functionality for each agent to upload .pdf contracts for a buyer.


This is a practice project written from scratch using PHP, HTML & CSS.



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