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A work-in-progress BitTorrent client written in Haskell.
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made at Recurse Center

HTorrent is a work-in-progress BitTorrent client written in Haskell. This was built as a learning exercise. It is not intended for use in production.


NOTE: HTorrent uses pwrite & pread under the hood to allow for parallel reads of tracker content. For this reason, only POSIX system are supported (sorry windows).

Binary Install (Mac)

  1. Run wget && chmod +x ./htorrent
  2. Run htorrent --help for usage instructions

Binary Install (Linux)

  1. Run wget && chmod +x ./htorrent
  2. Run htorrent --help for usage instructions

Stack install

  1. Install / make sure you have git and Stack and that binaries installed via stack install are reachable in your path.
  2. Run git clone && cd htorrent
  3. Run make test, all tests should pass. If they do not, please open an issue.
  4. Run make install
  5. Run htorrent --help for usage instructions


I built this as an exercise to learn Haskell (which had only minimal exposure to prior to this project) and use it to build a non trivial project from scratch. I also wanted to learn about parsing, bit manipulation, socket programming, property based testing, how to build efficient concurrent / parallel programs in Haskell, and how to profile & optimize Haskell programs.



  • Able to resume partial download with no duplicate work
  • Accepting incoming connections from peers
  • Computes & sends initial bitfield message to peers
  • Hash checking to verify that each piece received is valid
  • Is able to seed & leach from itself
  • Never downloads the same piece twice.
  • Only requests a piece from a peer if it already knows the peer has the piece.
  • Parallel leaching & seeding
  • Property & unit tests for parsing logic
  • Reading single torrent
  • Tracks if peer is choking and does not request pieces if peer is choking
  • Tracks which pieces each peer has by parsing have & bitfield messages.
  • Support for large single files
  • Signal handling for Ctrl-C & clean shutdown
  • Refactor Parser module to use attoparsec as profiling discovered explicit fold / unfold parser to be the current bottleneck

TODO (next to be implemented):

  • Publishing have messages to all peers as pieces complete
  • Provide visualization (presentation mode)
  • Fix issue where if the tracker server doesn't exist, it does not just blow up. Report back HTTP Call 'http call' to tracker server 'tracker server url'
  • Add CI/CD

Not (yet?) Implemented:

  • Asking for rarest blocks first.
  • Close connections with peers when you have everything and they have everything
  • Convert cabal file into an hpack file
  • DHT support
  • Endgame - asking for the same pieces from multiple peers when number of outstanding pieces is lower than number of peers which can serve them.
  • Game theory algorithm for deciding when to choke peers (currently peers are always unchoked)
  • Only sending interested messages when the peer actually has pieces HTorrent needs (currently HTorrent is always interested in all peers)
  • Property / integration tests for bittorrent FSM itself
  • Property tests for RPC parser
  • Provide ability to get debug logging
  • Provide option to exit on completion
  • Requesting tracker for more peers when HTorrent runs low on peers
  • Resolve all compiler warnings
  • Support for WebSeeds
  • Support for multiple torrents
  • Support for multiple trackers
  • Support for specifying the download directory (currently it just downloads the file in the current directory)
  • Torrents which contain more than one file
  • Track download statistics to report back to tracker
  • Tracking & reporting total download & upload rate
  • UDP Tracker Protocol


  • PRs welcome! If you would like to add/suggest a feature, please feel free to submit a PR/issue.
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