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.docker Update nginx conf.
accounts Notifications around teams and users.
blogs Lots of stuff around user.profile.has_pro, and further work on Teams.
media Additional warning around public/private snipts.
pillar Fix some Salt stuff and omit_code option in API.
salt Upgrade gunicorn run.
static Remove accidental static commits
teams Reduce teams pricing.
templates Additional warning around public/private snipts.
user-admin User admin needs to be in a module, now.
utils Redirect user to homepage.
.ffignore ffignore
.gitignore Makefile
.kick Header for pro-adams theme.
.venv Adding venvs
LICENSE Removing some old Gunicorn stuff and refactors for Django 1.6.
Makefile Compile team JS.
Procfile Upgrade gunicorn run. More Vagrant stuff.
Vagrantfile More Vagrant stuff. Moving
git-pre-commit Let team members search team snipts. More Vagrant stuff. Moving
requirements.txt Python 3 support. Python 3 support. Recaptcha for teams signup. More work on Snipt for Teams. Python 3 support. Static templates.


This is the codebase for the website,

Running the Django app locally with Vagrant

Install Vagrant and either VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion.

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. cp
  3. Edit local settings (choose a database password - you'll be prompted for it).
  4. make vagrant
  5. Visit

Deploying to a VM

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. cp
  3. Edit local server settings (choose a database password - you'll be prompted for it).
  4. Manually change the VM IP address in the Makefile.
  5. make server

Deploying to Heroku

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. heroku create
  3. heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev
  4. heroku addons:add searchbox
  5. heroku config:add DEBUG=False
  6. heroku config:add INTERCOM_SECRET_KEY=
  7. heroku config:add POSTMARK_API_KEY=
  8. heroku config:add RAVEN_CONFIG_DSN=
  9. heroku config:add SECRET_KEY=
  10. heroku config:add STRIPE_SECRET_KEY=
  11. heroku config:add USE_SSL=False
  12. git push heroku
  13. heroku run python syncdb
  14. heroku run python migrate

Any problems / questions / bugs, create an issue. Thanks! :)

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