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JREXML is an add-on for JRuby that uses a Java pull parser library to speed up REXML.
REXML is, unfortunately, painfully slow running under JRuby at the moment due to the slowness of regular expression parsing. JREXML shoves a small wrapper around XPP3/MXP1 ( into the guts of REXML, disabling the regular expression parser and providing close to a 10x speedup.
== Install
Simply install the gem under JRuby:
jruby -S gem install jrexml
And require 'jrexml' to speed up REXML.
gem 'jrexml'
require 'jrexml'
== Source
You can get the JREXML source using Git, in any of the following ways:
git clone git://
git clone
git clone git://
You can also download a tarball of the latest JREXML source at
== License
This software is released under an MIT license. For details, see the LICENSE.txt file included with the distribution. The software is copyright (c) 2007 Nick Sieger <>.
This product includes software developed by the Indiana University Extreme! Lab ( See the license in the file lib/xpp3.LICENSE.txt for details.