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@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ Action
uninstall - uninstall one or many ruby versions, leaves their sources
remove - uninstall one or many ruby versions and remove their sources
+ wrapper - generates a set of wrapper executables for a given ruby with the
+ specified ruby and gemset combination. Used under the hood for
+ passenger support and the like.
ruby - runs a named ruby file against specified and/or all rubies
gem - runs a gem command using selected ruby's 'gem'
rake - runs a rake task against specified and/or all rubies
@@ -0,0 +1,41 @@
+∴ rvm wrapper [ruby_string] [wrapper_prefix] [binary[ binary[ ...]]]
+Where ruby_string is the ruby version and gemset combination to wrap,
+wrapper prefix is what to prepend to the name of the generated wrapper
+binaries and binaries is the names of the binaries you wish to provide
+a wrapper for (e.g. gem).
+When no binaries are provided, rvm will by default generate wrappers for
+ruby, gem, rake, irb, rdoc, ri, and testrb.
+If you wish to provide an environment-specific wrapper for rspec with a
+rails 3 gemset, you could do:
+ ∴ rvm --create ree@rails3
+ ∴ rvm wrapper ree@rails3 r3 spec
+Which would add r3_spec with the specified environment to your the bin
+directory where you installed rvm.
+Alternatively, if you do:
+ ∴ rvm wrapper ruby-1.9.2-head
+It will create binaries named ruby,gem, rake, irb, rdoc, ri and tesrb
+in the rvm bin directory.
+Finally, to show another real and common use, you can use wrapper
+to generate ruby executables and gems for passenger to use. Namely:
+ ∴ rvm use ree@rails3 --passenger
+is equivelant to:
+ ∴ rvm use ree@rails3
+ ∴ rvm wrapper ree@rails3 passenger
+Which creates passenger_* binaries in the rvm bin directory using
+ree and the rails3 gemset.
@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ wrap() {
usage() {
printf "Usage: 'rvm wrapper [ruby_string] [wrapper_prefix] [binary[ binary[ ...]]]'\n"
- printf " Where binary is in {ruby,gem,rake,irb,rdoc,ri,testrb}\n"
+ printf " Where binary defaults to ruby, gem, rake, irb, rdoc, ri, testrb\n"
+ printf " For more information, see 'rvm help wrapper'\n"

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