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An example featuring JRuby to build a distributed piano using Rinda, Swing and javax.sound.midi APIs.

This example was built to showcase packaging a Ruby application as a Java jar file. To see this in action, install Warbler and type warble to create a jar file that can be run with java -jar.


  • JRuby-only for the keyboard and soundboard. This Ruby code uses JRuby's Java integration to call the Swing and javax.sound APIs.
  • Other rubies can run the tuplespace server or run the console to interact with the tuplespace and send note_on/note_off commands to remote soundboards.


  gem install ringpiano


RingPiano consists of several components: a server, a soundboard, a keyboard, and a console. ringpiano <component> runs the requested component. ringpiano alone will run the server, soundboard and keyboard.

When RingPiano starts up, it will attempt to locate a Rinda::RingServer broadcasting UDP on the local network. If it does not find one within five seconds, it will start one up.

On JRuby, the server component also will display a participant list window showing all the local and remote components participating in the RingPiano.

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