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lemonade stand business game
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open source lemonade stand business game in Java by Nick Stanish

v3.0.0-alpha.1 release:

Get it here:


  • get to game screen
  • purchase display
  • recipe display
  • item display
  • buying items
  • instances of people
  • temperature/day display
  • start day logic
  • next day logic (update views )
  • end of day display
  • loading/saving

Currently working on massive restructuring and is currently unplayable in most recent commits. I hope to have a playable version soon, but until then feel free to play an old version using an executable jar at

I decided to finally update this game because my last updates had been left unfinished, but the current state the game was in did not allow for reusability. Also, the poor coding from several years ago and use of a no longer supported Netbeans GUI called for an update.

I am aiming to make this version more modular, maintainable, and easier to use. I deleted 1000s of lines already, and am working on splitting items into separate classes and packages for organization.

I have already made the purchase screen MUCH simpler than before with an average of ~8 clicks total per round rather than ~23 just to buy what you need for the day. I generally post updates to my website at if you want to keep up with what's going on.


  • simplifying the "person" aspect of the game
  • Create a more appealing design and reduce all the text and boxes
  • Make it easier to play
  • Include instructions
  • backward compatibility among future versions (sorry, old versions will not be compatible with this current update)
  • possibility for upgrades
  • statistics
  • more fun, more graphics, more options
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