A work-in-progress JSON dialect for the Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL)
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This is an experimental repository for a JSON dialect of the Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL). JSON has numerous advantages over XML for client-side parsing, while DSPL is an extensible and robust dataset description format.

At the moment, this repository contains one script: xml2json, which reads DSPL XML on STDIN and emits JSON on STDOUT.

An example translation from the DSPL file sample.xml can be found in sample.json.

Please note

This is currently a quick half-hour-hack. xml2json does not come close to implementing all of the DSPL specification (see here for the schema if you want to help improve dspljson).

While this is partially deliberate (I think adding I18N support to the schema adds unnecessary complexity and can be avoided) it's mostly not. If you believe there are important pieces of functionality missing, please fork this repository and issue a pull request.