A tiny snippet of javascript to make more useful URLs for pages stuck in <frameset>s.
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framelocation.js is a tiny script with no external dependencies that makes it possible to display useful (if slightly ugly) URLs when loading a website within a frame from another website.

Say your website lives at http://my.cheap.host/~user/, but you also own http://snazzydomain.com/.

  1. Edit framelocation.js and update frameRoot to be "http://my.cheap.host/~user" (NB: no trailing slash).
  2. Update framesetDomain to be "http://snazzydomain.com".
  3. Put your edited version of framelocation.js somewhere web-accessible.
  4. Add <script src="/path/to/framelocation.js"></script> to the bottom of each framed page's <body> tag.

At this point, when you visit a page on your site through a frame at http://snazzydomain.com/, the hash part of the URL will update to reflect your location.

i.e. If you are looking at http://my.cheap.host/~user/some/page.html, the URL in the address bar will be http://snazzydomain.com/#/some/page.html.

If you also have access to the frameset page at http://snazzydomain.com, you can also have the URLs serve as permanent links to particular framed locations. Add <script src="/path/to/framelocation.js"></script> to the <head> of the frameset page, and someone directly visiting http://snazzydomain.com/#/some/page.html will immediately see http://my.cheap.host/~user/some/page.html.