A tiny MVC-like framework for building web application front-ends in Javascript.
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a li'l Mootools-powered Javascript MVC framework

This is MicroMVC, a small, hopefully useful MVC framework written in Javascript. It was very recently spun out of another much larger project so there are certainly going to be rough edges in places. However, it has a small set of passing specs (see public/spec/lib) which should explain how it's
meant to work.

The idea is that you'd take the MicroMVC layout as your starting point for writing a highly data-driven web application front-end. Included are some skeletal examples of a controller, a model and a view[1] to power a "Thread," whatever that might be!

[1]: Yes, just the one .. =P

You'll notice that the model (public/app/models/thread.js) is really really tiny ... that's because MicroMVC is currently designed to get data from a RESTful API. Everything else (well, nearly) is automagic!

If you're interested by the above, please have a poke around, look in the TODO file to see stuff that might want doing, and contribute!