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Tool to share your files as you live code
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A command line utility that periodically commits and pushes all changes made in a Git working tree. Perfect for workshops or other live-coding setups where you want to have a live view of your project state available for the audience.


Clone the repo down. Now you can run the included with Python 3.


Make sure your repo is configured to push the current branch to some remote, then

# In the directory you'd like to broadcast
python <install-path>/

That's it. You're in a live session now. ctrl-c to end the session. You'll have the option to squash your session and enter a new commit message.

You can also specify the path to the repo and the remote you'd like to push to

python <install-path>/ <path> <remote>


  • -h: display information about arguments and options
  • --no-push: Local only. Good for testing
  • --modification-debounce <int>:
  • --baseline-timer <int>:
  • --force-all: Instead of only adding files that are modified, run use git add --all to catch all changes. You can use this to work around issues with modification detection

Tips and Workarounds

  • Some editors, including Vim and Xcode, use an alternative method of saving files which presents difficulties for file system change notifications. You can work around this by using the force all flag and a frequent baseline timer. Note that this will commit all changes, so if you had

    python / --baseline-timer 20 --force-all

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