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AdBlock Rules

This repository contains some custom ad- and content-blocking rules I use to make life online easier (or just nicer to look at). Most of the content blocked here deals with sites I or my contributors regularly visit.


You may find that these rules are overzealous, especially when it comes to things like in-browser chat systems. If you find certain rules annoying, you should be able to determine the problematic rule using the comments and disable it through your plugin's settings.

My contributors and I are not responsible for any harm that may befall you from using these rules, including content mistakenly hidden or broken by one of the rules in this set. If you believe that important content may be hidden accidentally, try disabling the plugin completely for that page or site.

These rules are (usually) developed and used in the latest Firefox nightly build and/or Google Chrome, both on Windows. If you find that you have problems with a rule (on any browser/platform), please report an issue so I can look into it.

Please also note that I am primarily using uBlock Origin. I will do my best to maintain compatibility with AdBlock Plus, but I no longer regularly test with this plugin. (If you do encounter issues while using ABP, please feel free to file an issue.)


In order to use these rules, you'll need a compatibile browser plugin.

Each browser and plugin is slightly different, but you should be able to add one of the following URLs (they have the same contents!) to your browser plugin as a custom filter subscription through the plugin's settings.

You may also consult the landing page for more detailed installation instructions.


I accept any and all contributions or requests for additional rules. Please open an issue or fork the repository and submit a pull request.


Some custom uBlock Origin/AdBlock Plus rules to make life online easier (or just nicer to look at). You'll need the appropriate plugin for your browser to use this.






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