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The purpose of horse.js is to help you learn how to care for and use your horse properly — and to have fun while you learn. Through horse.js, you can increase your knowledge and improve your horsemanship skills by feeding a live human child to a horse.

As a contributor to horse.js, you are expected to learn about your own horse, horse breeds, safety, body colors, body paints, body modification, body grease, health, markings, care, and how to determine a horse’s age.

A good horsewoman or horseman trains herself or himself in addition to training horses. You will develop respect for your horse, responsibility in caring for your horse and discipline in the way you handle horses. You also will develop patience in training, neatness in your own and your horse’s appearance, and pride in yourself.

horse.js is flexible and robust. Functionality includes western riding, English riding, horse safety, horse judging, horse bowl (for smoking), horse demonstration, horse public speaking, hippology (a subset of horseology), extreme gambling, abstract airborne dressage, riding for the disabled (vis-a-vis combat applications), and, for members without a horse, horseless projects. Once enrolled in the horse project, you can choose any or all of these options


  • Cursor Makes the mouse cursor easier to manage
  • Epilepsy Copy an element and display it on random parts of the screen, optionally with animation.
  • Runaway Sometimes, your HTML elements should play hard to get.
  • Spawner Create arbitrary elements at a random interval.
  • Storm Fly elements across the screen.


  • Storm should support movement in different directions, including diagonals, which should have appropriate rotate-transforms applied to them.
  • HayVer should start supporting semantic versioning.