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// This file is distributed under a BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.
// internal interface (everything that shouldn't be visible to the public)
#include "_types.hpp"
namespace FRIED
enum ChannelType
// just allocate other channel types as required
// channel header
struct ChannelHeader
sInt Type; // channel type tag
sInt Quantizer; // quantizer factor
sInt StripeOffset; // offset in stripe data
sInt ChunkOffset; // offset in chunk data
// file header
struct FileHeader
sChar Signature[8]; // FRIEDxxx (xxx=version number)
sInt XRes; // width of image
sInt YRes; // height of image
sInt VirtualXRes; // virtual width of image
sInt ChunkWidth; // chunk width
sInt Channels; // # of channels used (max 16)
// encode context
struct EncodeContext
FileHeader FH;
ChannelHeader Chans[16];
sInt XResPadded;
sInt YResPadded;
sInt *SB; // stripe buffer (32 lines)
sInt *QB; // quantized buffer (16 lines)
sInt *CK; // chunk (unquantized) buffer
sU8 *Bits; // packed buffer
sInt BitsLength; // length of packed buffer
const sU8 *Image; // source image pointer
sInt Flags; // encoding flags
// decode context
struct DecodeContext
FileHeader FH;
ChannelHeader Chans[16];
sInt XResPadded;
sInt YResPadded;
sS16 *SB; // stripe buffer (32 lines)
sInt *QB; // quantized buffer (16 lines)
sS16 *CK; // chunk (unquantized) buffer
sU8 *Image; // destination image pointer
sInt ChannelSetup; // channel setup number
// entropy coding
sInt rlgrenc(sU8 *bits,sInt nbmax,sInt *x,sInt n,sInt xminit);
sInt rlgrdec(const sU8 *bits,sInt nbmax,sS16 *y,sInt n,sInt xminit);
// quantization
sInt newQuantize(sInt qs,sInt *x,sInt npts,sInt cwidth);
void newDequantize(sInt qs,sS16 *x,sInt npts,sInt cwidth);
// transforms
void ndct42D(sInt *x0,sInt *x1,sInt *x2,sInt *x3);
void indct42D(sS16 *x0,sS16 *x1,sS16 *x2,sS16 *x3);
void ndct42D_MB(sInt *x0,sInt *x,sInt *x2,sInt *x3);
void indct42D_MB(sS16 *x0,sS16 *x1,sS16 *x2,sS16 *x3);
void lbt4pre2x4(sInt *x0,sInt *x1);
void lbt4post2x4(sS16 *x0,sS16 *x1);
void lbt4pre4x2(sInt *x0,sInt *x1,sInt *x2,sInt *x3);
void lbt4post4x2(sS16 *x0,sS16 *x1,sS16 *x2,sS16 *x3);
void lbt4pre4x4(sInt *x0,sInt *x1,sInt *x2,sInt *x3);
void lbt4post4x4(sS16 *x0,sS16 *x1,sS16 *x2,sS16 *x3);
// pixel processing
void gray_alpha_convert_dir(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sU8 *src,sInt *dst);
void gray_alpha_convert_inv(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sS16 *src,sU8 *dst);
void gray_x_convert_dir(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sU8 *src,sInt *dst);
void gray_x_convert_inv(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sS16 *src,sU8 *dst);
void color_alpha_convert_dir(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sU8 *src,sInt *dst);
void color_alpha_convert_inv(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sS16 *src,sU8 *dst);
void color_x_convert_dir(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sU8 *src,sInt *dst);
void color_x_convert_inv(sInt cols,sInt colsPad,const sS16 *src,sU8 *dst);
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