A jquery plugin to animate using css transitions when available (renders much more smoothly).
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A jQuery extension to use CSS transitions for animation instead of javascript, if available.


You can pass in duration, easing, and callback directly:

$('#fancy_div').cssAnimate({height: '200px'}, 800, 'linear', callback);

Or, pass it in as an options object:

$('#fancy_div').cssAnimate({font-size: '18px'}, {
    duration: 800,
    easing: 'linear', // or 'ease'
    step: function(progress) { }, // slightly different from jquery's step
    complete: function() { }

Copyright (c) 2012 Nicholas White.  Licensed under the MIT license (see: LICENSE); if a copy of the license was not supplied along with the source code, one can be obtained via: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php