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Easily print drafts using Pandoc
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🖨 pd — Print Draft

pd instantly prints your draft in a well-set layout. A great companion to a red Fineliner pen. pd is a small wrapper script around pandoc and lp and combines filters and templates to set a print layout that's perfect for editing the old fashioned way.



make install

You will also need to have Pandoc and a version of a Latex engine that supports lualatex. For installing LaTex, I recommend using TinyTeX and then installing packages as necessary using tlmgr.

At minimum, you might need these requirements:

tlmgr install hyphenat \
	  newunicodechar \
	  blindtext \
	  fancyhdr \
	  lastpage \


Instantly print your draft in a well-set layout.

  -h     show this message
  -r     print a hash of the file contents
  -d     Don't print, just export to PDF
  -p     A print range for lp. See lp manual for format

  pf -p 1-2
  pf -d && open first-draft.pdf

You can optionally include Pandoc filters by exporting an environment variable called PD_PANDOC_FILTERS with a space-separated list of your filter names. The most common way to set environment variables is by including something like this in your .bashrc or .zshrc:

export PD_PANDOC_FILTERS="filter1 filter2"

Use with vim

To execute pd from vim for the current file you're editing, include this snippet in your .vimrc or init.vim:

" Print markdown draft using pandoc
function! PrintDraft(...)
  let l:filename = expand('%:p')
  " If bang! save to file
  if a:0 > 0 && a:1 == 1
    "do not print
    exec "!pd -d " . l:filename
  elseif exists('a:2')
    exec "!pd -p " . a:2  l:filename
    exec "!pd " . l:filename
command! -nargs=* -bang PrintDraft call PrintDraft(<bang>0, <f-args>)

With this, you can call pd with commands like :PrintDraft, :PrintDraft! and :PrintDraft 1-2.

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