A light weight command line time management system for Illumos.
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plan is a light weight time management system for the command line.

UPDATE: This project is currently on life-support. Due to a multitude of
youthful mistakes, coupled with extreme impatience the project's code is a
total mess. It is unstable to use, and needs to be refactored. Even though I
use it personally, I discourage everyone else from using it, until I've fixed
some issues. Currently, the code needs to be changed, to be less stupid. For

	1) Should stop using the file system as a data base.  It's slow, buggy,
	and not portable (only works on Illumos/Solaris).

	2) The entire code base looks like spaghetti. It should look more like

	3) There is much more, but it's not worth mentioning here.