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ZMQ Node for DTC library
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ZMQ Node for PKCS11-Compatible DTC Library

A Golang rework of our C++ Library in Golang, but using a PKCS#11 interface.

This node is used in our implementation of PKCS11-Compatible DTC Library with ZMQ communication module.


  1. Make sure you have ZMQ 4.0 and CZMQ 4.0 or greater installed on your node machine. Also, you will need to have Golang 1.12 or greater to compile the project.

  2. Other packages you need to install on your system are pkgconfig, gcc and musl-dev. They are used in cgo compilation (ZMQ requires them). You can see a config example for Debian Buster in the Dockerfile of DTC integration_test folder.

  3. Clone this repository.

  4. Execute go mod tidy to download the dependencies of this project.

  5. Build the project executing go build in the root of the project. This will create a dtcnode executable.

  6. If you need a keypair for your server, you can use dtcnode generate-curve command to create it.

  7. execute dtcnode generate-config to create a config file. For more information about how to use this command, check at the end of this readme.

  8. Copy the configuration to the current directory, or to /etc/dtcnode/config.yaml.

  9. Launch the node executing ./dtcnode serve.

Creating Configuration and Key Pairs

As mentioned in installation, the dtcnode utillity includes two useful commands related to the node confguration:

dtcnode generate-config

genconfig generates a dtcnode configuration.

It is used with the following arguments:

  1. n as the node IP and listening port, with an : between both values. eg:
  2. c as the client IP. eg:
  3. k as the server public key in Base85 encoding format
  4. o as the output location for the config file (by default is the current working directory).

Example dtcnode generate-config -n -c -k {0j3IXL0Jw:)K$b1@(1=<8z/joPM.c+EXVBMS>7$ -o ./config.yaml

You can get more information executing dtcnode generate-config help.

dtcnode generate-curve

Prints to stdout a random public and private key usable on a ZMQ server or node.

It has no arguments.

Example dtcnode generate-curve

Docker Tests

The docker-compose file on docker folder is useful to test the DTC library with nodes deployed on the same machine. Assuming that docker and docker-compose are already installed, you need to start the containers with:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up
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