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Paintcraft (paid package info)

Hello and welcome everyone interested in this project.

I just want to let you know that some time ago I started work on one more coloring book and after that I decided to make a unity package. It works very smooth and fast on every kind of device you can check it right now in your borwser. Please check following links:

and here is a screenshot of how brush are configured there. you have a full control of every point and you can make any kind of effects.

Customized Brush Pipeline

Complete project inside

It support multitouch and you can make application for several players and let them draw in the split screen mode on the same or personal canvases

Basic Video Tutorial: Paintcraft: how to create drawing app from scratch in 10 minutes

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the Unity3D Forum or drop me e-mail.


Colorus - free (Unity 4.x)

Unity3d ColoringBook web/ios Unity3d ColoringBook open source web/ios

web version


All source code provided under MIT license. use it anywhere even in comercial app.

All images/sounds provided only for personal use. You are not allowed to use this resources in any public software even if it's free and open source.

Following packages which used are 3d party software and belongs to their creators, please see licenses on their home site

  • twitter bootstrap
  • CorinaBlackC font

I've used screenshot manager in the game, but main plugins packages are excluded, you can replace this functionality or buy it here, or this is a good candidate for ios plugin replacements

Following packages created by me and also available on asset store, so if you are going to reuse them, would be goot if you purchase them as well =)

Project details

Project has been made on 4th version of unity, and started well today on 4.6.

  • Main scene located at Assets/main path
  • All Configs stored under Assets/ScriptableObjects
  • To create new configs use TopBar menu Razukrashka


I hope you will find something useful for you in this project, like localisation package, floodfill algorithm, floodfill animation. After couple of coloring book projects for another companies, requirements grew constantly, and after latest project, I see huge gap between what i did on colorus and what i've done for big company. drawing solution on colorus is not ideal but not so bad =).

Good luck for your coloring books, and many interesting kids software for all of us =) !!!


Unity3d ColoringBook web/ios







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