Redis web console based on Play2 framework v2.0.3
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RedXPlay is a sample application I wrote to test and to demonstrate Play2 framework streaming capabilities. Basically, it's a good documentation of how to write a realtime web application (RWA) as described by Sadache Drobi, Zenexity CTO.

How can I test?

First, you'll need a redis server to connect to. Redis (stands for remote dictionary) is a key-value in-memory datastore. It offers advanced data structures, and is very easy to use.

Redis can be installed with one of the following:

The binaries that are now compiled are available in the src directory. Run Redis with:

$ src/redis-server

You can interact with Redis using the built-in client:

$ src/redis-cli
redis> set myname batman
redis> get myname

Install Play2 Framework

Download the Play2 framework from the official play framework web site ( Unzip the archive Add the "play" command to your path Check that a valid Java Development Kit is also installed.

Install RedXPlay

Download a version of RedXPlay from Github Extract the archive Go to play2-redxplay folder Launch the application with "play run" Open a web browser and connect to http://localhost:9000

If your redis-server is up and running, you should be able to connect on your local redis server.

Once connected, check the realtime updates sent by the server to the browser. Play2 implements Server sent event, with advanced Enumeratee/Iterator no-blocking I/O.

See an online version on Heroku

A version of this application is deployed Heroku: