iPad+iPhone Photo/Party Booth. Or basically use the iPhone camera and show the live view on the iPad
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Create your own photo/party booth using iPhone, iPad, and a laptop. User can see the live view on the iPad which is feed from the iPhone's camera. Then user can touch the screen of the iPad to trigger the iPhone to take photo. The photo then will be uploaded to a designated FTP server. So basically it's a wireless camera for iPad, like Camera for iPad app and HDCam for iPad app, but using wifi instead of bluetooth.

I made this app for my wedding reception party. Since iPad has no camera yet, I figured to use the iPhone as the camera. There will be bugs here and there since I wrote it under the hectic of the wedding preparation and assignments in the lab. But it worked ok in my wedding. See some photo samples here

I used s7ftprequest to upload the photo taken by the iPhone to the FTP server. You can find it here

I released this source code not only so that anyone who wants to know how to make this kind of app can learn from it, but also so that I can learn from those who are kind enough to fix and make the code better. Hope it's useful!