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jQuery accessible hide/show using ARIA

A simple jQuery code to provide accessible hide/show system using ARIA.

Full demo is here:

This simple script transforms this simple piece of code:

    <h2 class="js-expandmore">
    	Content 1
    <div class="js-to_expand">here a wonderful hidden content about content 1</div>
    <br /><br /><br />
    <h2 class="js-expandmore">
    	Content 2
    <div class="js-to_expand is-opened">Lorem <a href="#">fdsfdsfds</a> ipsum about content 2 (opened by default)</div>
    <br /><br /><br />
    <h2 class="js-expandmore">Content 3 </h2>
    <div class="js-to_expand">here a wonderful hidden content about content 3</div>

into shiny accessible hide/show by adding ARIA attributes.

Keyboard navigation is supported, based on ARIA DP ( &&


  • jQuery (others smaller libraries should be ok, but didn't test for the moment)
  • a small piece of CSS .js-to_expand[data-hidden=true] { display: none; }
  • or you may use npm i jquery-accessible-hide-show-aria


You may set up if you're using aria or data attributes.

For CSS, you may add:

.expandmore__button {
  background: none;
  font-size: inherit;
  color: inherit;

.expandmore__button[aria-expanded=false] > .expandmore__symbol:before,
.expandmore__button[data-expanded=false] > .expandmore__symbol:before{
  content : '+ ';
.expandmore__button[aria-expanded=true] > .expandmore__symbol:before,
.expandmore__button[data-expanded=true] > .expandmore__symbol:before{
  content : '− ';


This jQuery plugin doesn't style anything, styles can be added using other classes.

A demo page can be found here with additional features/docs:


Vanilla version

This script exists also in a Vanilla-JS version, have a look at Van11y hide-show script.

Chuck Norris approved this

P.S: this plugin is in MIT license. It couldn't be done without the precious help of @ScreenFeedFr, @goetsu, @johan_ramon, @accesbilis, @Kozlika, @anneCav and @romaingervois.

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