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Rule engine

Stateless rule engine to assert statements given a context.


$ composer require "subzeta/ruling":"^1.0.0"

Usage example

require '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

use subzeta\Ruling\Ruling;

$my = new \stdClass();
$my->sensitivity = 80;
$my->joyfulness = 10;

(new Ruling())
    // 1-. the context
        'sensitivity' => $my->sensitivity,
        'joyfulness' => $my->joyfulness
    // 2-. the rules
        ':sensitivity is greater than 90 or :joyfulness is less than 20'
    // 3-. the optional success callback
    )->then(function() {
        echo 'Hell yeah, I should listen music right now!';
    // 4-. the optional fail callback
    })->otherwise(function() {
        echo 'I\'m happy enough, thanks.';
    // 5-. run!

// Outputs: Hell yeah, I should listen music right now!


There are three main entrances:


Returns the interpreted rules. Using the example above the output would be: ['80 > 90 || 10 < 20']


Returns a boolean indicating the output. Using the example above the output would be: true


Fires the success or fail callback if defined. Using the example above the output would be: 'Hell yeah, I should listen it!'

Error handling

Different types of exceptions are thrown when something goes wrong:


When the provided context isn't valid (accepts: ['string-key-1' => value-1, ..., 'string-key-x' => value-x]).


When the provided rules aren't valid (accepts: 'string' or ['string-1', ..., 'string-x'])


When the provided success/fail callback isn't callable (accepts: function(){return 'Hey Ho! Let's go!';})

Supported Operators

Type Operator Representation
Comparison is greater than >
Comparison is greater or equal to >=
Comparison is less than <
Comparison is less or equal to <=
Comparison is equal to (alias: is) ==
Comparison is not equal to (aliases: is not, isn't) !=
Comparison same as ===
Comparison not same as !==
Logical and &&
Logical or ||
Containment contained in (alias: in) in


  • It's not necessary to provide callbacks for execute method, it will return a boolean instead as assert does.
  • Rules respect the operator precedence and evaluate the parenthesis from right to left.


$ phpunit

Recursive to do list

  • Increase the number of unit tests to prevent bad contexts or bad formatted rules from being executed.

To do

  • Improve the interpreted method response.


  • Allow aliases ("is equal to" can be written as "is" and "is not equal to" as "is not"/"isn't").
  • Context values may permit callable functions too.
  • Added the strict comparison operators (same as, not same as).
  • It can be interesting to implement a kind of dump method to show the interpreted rule.
  • Added the "in" operator.
  • Context accepts array values.