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SonarPHP is a static code analyser for PHP language used as an extension for the SonarQube platform. It will allow you to produce stable and easily supported code by helping you find and correct bugs, vulnerabilities and smells in your code.


Useful links

More documentation

Have question or feedback?

To provide feedback (request a feature, report a bug etc.) use the SonarSource Community Forum. Please do not forget to specify the language (PHP!), plugin version and SonarQube version.

If you have a question on how to use plugin (and the docs don't help you), we also encourage you to use the community forum.


Topic in SonarQube Community Forum

To request a new feature, please create a new thread in SonarQube Community Forum. Even if you plan to implement it yourself and submit it back to the community, please start a new thread first to be sure that we can follow up on it.

Pull Request (PR)

To submit a contribution, create a pull request for this repository. Please make sure that you follow our code style and all tests are passing (Travis build is created for each PR).

Custom Rules

If you have an idea for a rule but you are not sure that everyone needs it you can implement a custom rule available only for you.


To run tests locally follow these instructions.

Build the Project and Run Unit Tests

To build the plugin and run its unit tests, execute this command from the project's root directory (you will need Maven):

mvn clean install

Integration Tests

To run integration tests, you will need to create a properties file like the one shown below, and set its location in an environment variable named ORCHESTRATOR_CONFIG_URL.

# version of SonarQube server


Before running any of integration tests make sure the submodules are checked out:

  git submodule init
  git submodule update

Plugin Test

The "Plugin Test" is an additional integration test which verifies plugin features such as metric calculation, coverage etc. To launch it, execute this command from directory its/plugin:

mvn clean install

Ruling Test

The "Ruling Test" is a special integration test which launches the analysis of a large code base, saves the issues created by the plugin in report files, and then compares those results to the set of expected issues (stored as JSON files). To launch ruling test:

cd its/ruling
mvn clean install

This test gives you the opportunity to examine the issues created by each rule and make sure they're what you expect. You can inspect new/lost issues checking web-pages mentioned in the logs at the end of analysis:

INFO  - HTML Issues Report generated: /path/to/project/sonar-php/its/sources/src/.sonar/issues-report/issues-report.html
INFO  - Light HTML Issues Report generated: /path/to/project/sonar-php/its/sources/src/.sonar/issues-report/issues-report-light.html

If everything looks good to you, you can copy the file with the actual issues located at


into the directory with the expected issues



Copyright 2010-2018 SonarSource.

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3.0


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