Automatic login for League of Legends.
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LoL Auto Login

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Automatic login for League of Legends. See the official website page for more information.

Running LoL Auto Login requires the .NET Framework 4.5 Runtime. It is installed by default as of Windows 8. If you do not have it, you can download it from Microsoft's website.


You can configure LoL Auto Login through the LoLAutoLoginSettings.yaml file in the Config directory.

  • login-detection:
    • always-click (default: true) Whether LoL Auto Login should click on the password box once it finds it or not. This forces the password box to be focused, but if you don't like the cursor moving you can disable it by setting this to false.
    • debug (default: false) Enabling this option saves debug images to the Debug folder inside your home League of Legends folder for debugging purposes. You may be asked to enable this if you submit an issue.
    • low-threshold (default: 0) Low threshold for the Canny edge detector.
    • high-threshold (default: 20) High threshold for the Canny edge detector.
  • client-load-timeout (default: 30) How long to wait (in seconds) before giving up on searching for the client.
  • log-level (default: "info") How much stuff to log. Valid options are, in decreasing order of spamminess: trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal.
  • log-to-file (default: true) Whether to log to file or not.
  • check-for-updates (default: true) Whether to automatically check for updates on startup or not.


LoL Auto Login uses the following 3rd party libraries: