MCBackup 3 is a free, open-source backup utility for Minecraft.
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MCBackup 3
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MCBackup 3

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MCBackup is a free, open-source backup utility for Minecraft versions 1.6 and up. This release was launched when the new Minecraft Launcher was introduced, changing the Minecraft folder structure.

MCBackup 3 is a complete rewrite of its predecessor, MCBackup 2, with many more features included and to come.


MCBackup offers the most to its users. This is the list of currently included features.

  • Easy, two-click backup - Supports worlds, versions and whole folder!
  • Fast, safe restore
  • Unique ProgressBar backup and restore technology - See how much time it will take!
  • Easy-to-use backup management options:
    • Multi-select delete
    • One-click rename
  • Custom skinning - Make MCBackup truly yours!
  • World backup thumbnail creation - Fast world recognition!
  • Automated backup - Backup while you play!
  • Ability to close to tray - Unclutter you taskbar!
  • Minecraft, saves and backup folder selection
  • Ongoing support


You can contact me using
If you happen to find a bug, please go to the bug tracker and submit a report!

3rd Party Software/Libraries

JSON.NET - MIT License -

MahApps.Metro - Microsoft Public License -

MCMap - Currently Unlicensed (last updated 2014-09-22) -

ModernUIIcons - CC BY ND -

Substrate - MIT License -