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This gem provides:

  • google-code-prettify revision 187

Rails 3.1

For Rails 3.1 and greater, the files will be added to the asset pipeline and available for you to use.


In Rails 3.1 apps include the google-code-prettify-rails gem in your the Gemfile and run bundle install. Then add the folling to your application.js

//= require google-code-prettify-rails/prettify

And add the same to your application.css

//= require google-code-prettify-rails/prettify

Depending on the language you wish the include you will need to specify the following in your application.js, replacing the identifier with one of the supported language names.

//= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-#{identifier}

All of the languages currently supported by google-code-prettify are as follows:

//= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-apollo //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-cli //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-css //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-go //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-hs //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-lisp //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-lua //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-ml //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-n //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-proto //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-scala //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-sql //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-tex //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-vb //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-vhdl //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-wiki //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-xq //= require google-code-prettify-rails/lang-yaml

Rails 3.0

This gem adds a single generator to Rails 3, google-code-prettify-rails:install. Running the generator will fetch google-code-prettify Rails, and (optionally) fetch the required languages you wish to include.


In your Gemfile, add this line:

gem "google-code-prettify-rails"

Then, run bundle install. To invoke the generator, run:

rails generate google-code-prettify-rails:install #--css --sql to enable css and sql syntax highlighting