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Module for Drupal 7 to integrate the Compass CSS authoring framework
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Compass CSS Preprocessor

Author: Nico den Boer

This module enables you to integrate the Compass CSS authoring framework into Drupal 7.

It is partly a refactored version of the Less module, version 7.x-2.4. The admin section and compiling of .scss files is inspired by the Drupal Compass module, version 7.x-1.0-beta1. Detection of the need to recompile and other pre-compile actions are written from scratch.

Latest version: See the Github repository


In Drupal: None.

In Linux:

Installation in Linux:

apt-get install rubygems
gem install compass
gem install rb-inotify

Note: Do NOT install Compass from the Debian repository, as you will get an older version...


1 In, use the normal settings for CSS:

stylesheets[all][] = styles/screen.css

Explanation: Based on the file name, this module will look for a possible .scss file. If a newer one exists it will issue the Compass compile command and clear the CSS cache.

2 Go to configuration / development / Compass settings and configure the module. Don't forget to check the themes you want to be compiled by Compass!


  • This module will NOT update CSS files registered with the module Conditional styles. For those you will need to manually regenerate the CSS.
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