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Super fantôme
HTML5 game based on JS phaser library (v2.6.2)

Project architecture

js/vendors/phaser : phaser library
js/component : main classes
js/state : state (phaser game step)
assets : images and tiles

Game object

You control a ghost, the goal is to find the lock that opens the end of the level. You have to find keys to open locks. The potatoes are your enemies.

For desktop :

  • 4 arrows keys to move
  • space bar to release a key

For smartphone / pad :

  • touch the screen in the direction you want the ghost move

The gift visible on each level is an extra which gives you bonus or malus.
You can only hold one key at a time.

Futures features


Enemy changes color when can be eaten Possibility to release key on smartphone/pad
Information on the type of extra catched by player
Release key when diagonally and let go of 1 key Add sounds when:

  • game over


"World" entity above "levels"
Boss at the end of each world Boss for world1:

  • Big potatoe that shoots keys
  • Player has to avoid keys and keys has to touch locks
  • When a lock is opened the boss goes to the opposite
  • To beat the boss several locks have to be opened, after the boss release a key, player has to catch the key and go to right lock


Intelligence of enemies motion Distance going right (1) and up (1) = sqrt(2) / So your diagonal movement at the moment is 1.41 times faster than horizontal/vertical movement.


Way from one side to another site of the map Map areas where enemies can't appear

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