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Clover Bootloader, Kexts, config and ACPI patches for ThinkPad T460s. Based on tluck's repo:

Switch to OpenCore

Please consider switching your current setup to OpenCore. I reccomend reinstalling macOS while switching, but you can definitely switch without wiping, as it has been done before. You can find my repo here:

This Repo is currently INACTIVE

Just a quick warning before you download and use my repo! This repo is currently INACTIVE and hasn't been updated in a while as I switched to a ThinkPad T490s and have since made Windows 11 part of my setup.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded, forked, and starred this repo. I hope you'll stick around for the OpenCore port!

What's different from tluck's Clover config

  • The touchpad driver was changed to acidanthera's VodooPS2 ( This driver enables multitouch gestures on the Synaptic touchpad (but top buttons do not work)
  • Clover was updated to support macOS Catalina
  • The other kexts were updated
  • Every kext or patch associated with the DW1560 was removed
  • Added support to the DW1820a Combo Card
  • Legacy_Sierra_QMI was added to support the internal modem
  • Added CPUFriend to bring base frequency down to 800MHz.
  • Added the old Mac Boot chime (because it reminds me of my old iBook. and it's cute.)

What's working

Pretty much everything that's working with tluck's config, with the addition of multitouch, Force Touch (emulated) and the LTE Modem.

What's not working

  • SD Card reader
  • Physical mouse buttons


The config uploaded here was tested on a ThinkPad T460s with an i7-6600U CPU, Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB NVMe Drive and a FHD Screen. The Intel WiFi card was replaced with a DW1820a. If your config is different than mine, you may need to recompile the ACPI patches.


Thanks to tluck for laying the groundwork for a working hackintosh on the T460s. I'd also like to thank RehabMan, Shmilee, vusun123, TimeWalker, Mieze and every other hacker who makes Hackintoshing possible.


Clover Bootloader, Kexts, config and ACPI patches for ThinkPad T460s



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