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A minimal css to improve the readability of a webpage
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Readable CSS

a self contained ready to use css package to improve the readability of your contents.


The package is available on npm

npm install --save readable-css
yarn add readable-css

If you prefer to use it with a CDN

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />


Just add the readable-content class to the portion of page you want to be readable.


The package has the following structure

- css               # compiled Sass
- examples          # example pages
- scss
  - modules         # contains all the submodules, like lists, headers, etc.
    - headers
    - lists
    - tables
    - etc.
  - main            # imports all the submodules to wrap them in the `.readable-content` scope
  - mixins          # mixins that will be used by modules
  - variables       # variables definitions, you can easily override them
  - readable        # index file that imports all the others


You can easily modify the library to behave how you prefer. Create a SASS file after installing the library with npm.

$max-width: 40em;
$baseFontSize: 1em;

@import 'node_modules/readable-css/scss/readable';

The library uses em as default unit for width, margins, paddings. You can use also different measure unit (px or rem), but it's not suggested.

Check to _variables.scss file for the available variables.


The library doesn't ship with all the use cases defined, so if you need to add custom behaviours just extend it.

$max-width: 40em;
$baseFontSize: 1em;

@import 'node_modules/readable-css/scss/readable';

.readable-content {
  span {
    font-familiy: sans;
    text-decoration: underline;

Remember to scope your changes inside the readable-content class

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