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This application allows you to play with mazes and look at the solution.


There are two game you can play:

  1. Mouse and cheese (MOUSE_GAME) You are a mouse and you have to go from the top-left corner of the maze to a random cell in the maze where you will find the cheese. The random cell is not exactly random as it is the most distant cell, so it will never happen that the cell will be just next to you.

  2. Escape Game (MOUSE_GAME) You have to escape from the entry to the exit. The exit will be on the wall. Its position is random generated (again, it is the furthest wall from you).


To install the app, I created a make file, do as follows:



To play the app you can just do:


This will generate a random .maze and a .solution files titled with their timestamps and with a random colourscheme.

If you want to play later the game, you can alway play with

# Play
cat MAZEYOUWANT.maze | java -jar drawapp.jar

# Watch solution
cat MAZEYOUWANT.solution | java -jar drawapp.jar


Levels are just pre-configured settings. If you use -x, -y configs, the pre-configured setting will be replaced.


Breadcrumbs will help you to go through the maze. Default breadcrumbs is 0, so there will not be any. If you set breadcrumbs to be 5 -b5, every 5 steps you are required to do, there will be a breadcrumb. Follow them to find the solution.


We have 4 pre-sets:

  1. Default -c1
  2. Star wars -c2
  3. Funky -c3
  4. Black/White -c4

If you set -c0 it will be random chosen.

Play later with -s

When you generate a maze it starts directly on your drawapp. If you don't want to play directly, use -s

Optional command line inputs

To get all the optional commands do:

./maze -h
/maze [-x<int>] [-y<int>] [-l<int>] [-g<int>] 

-x<int>			Horizontal cells (default: 10)
  -y<int>		Vertical cells (default: 10)
  -l<int>		Level from 1 to 5 (default: 2)
  -b<int>		Frequency of breadcrumbs, 0 is no breadcrumbs (default: 0)
  -g<int> 		Game: 1 for Mouse&cheese, 2 for Escape (default: 1)
  -c<int>		Colourscheme: 1 for Default, 2 for Star Wars, 3 for Funky, 4 for B/W
  -s			Silently create maze files without starting draw
  -r          	Delete all the previous *.maze and *.solution