A Utility Class written in PHP to Render Social Plugins (Facebook, Twitter, G+) on your pages
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This is a set of classes to add Social Plugins (Facebook like, Twitter, G-Plus) to your pages. 

Every plugin extends the class SocialButtonAbstract and i have an helper class that renders all the buttons. 

This is the basic usage with the helper class

require_once "SocialPluginsHelper.php";
//Create the instance of the helper classand set some options
$socialPlugins = new SocialPluginsHelper(array(
        SocialPluginsHelper::HTML_AFTER_BUTTONS => '<div class="clear"></div>',
        SocialPluginsHelper::HTML_BEFORE_BUTTONS => '<div class="clear"></div>',
        SocialPluginsHelper::STYLE_OF_WRAPPER => 'margin-top:5px;',
        SocialPluginsHelper::CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STYLE => array(
                "TwitterButton" => "width:69px;",
                "FacebookLike" => "width:146px;")

//Add the buttons to the class
$socialPlugins->add(PluginFactory::create("FacebookLike", array(FacebookLike::FB_WIDTH => "146")));

// render the javascripts for the buttons 

/* Render the buttons (you can pass some options to the class to use in the buttons, the main use case
 * for this is when you have multiple buttons on the same page and you have to pass a different href
 * To like */
$socialPlugins->renderAllButtons(array("FacebookLike" => array(FacebookLike::FB_HREF => $url)));

Of course you can also use the single classes withouth the helper class