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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Simple and quickly hacked togheter, this script is used to reset the
eve-demo API to its initial state. It will use standard API calls to:
1) delete all items in the 'people' and 'works' collections
2) post multiple items in both collection
I guess it can also serve as a basic example of how to programmatically
manage a remot e API using the phenomenal Requests library by Kenneth Reitz
(a very basic 'get' function is included even if not used).
:copyright: (c) 2015 by Nicola Iarocci.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
import sys
import json
import random
import requests
def post_people():
people = [
'firstname': 'John',
'lastname': 'Doe',
'role': ['author'],
'location': {'address': '422 South Gay Street', 'city': 'Auburn'},
'born': 'Thu, 27 Aug 1970 14:37:13 GMT'
'firstname': 'Serena',
'lastname': 'Love',
'role': ['author'],
'location': {'address': '363 Brannan St', 'city': 'San Francisco'},
'born': 'Wed, 25 Feb 1987 17:00:00 GMT'
'firstname': 'Mark',
'lastname': 'Green',
'role': ['copy', 'author'],
'location': {'address': '4925 Lacross Road', 'city': 'New York'},
'born': 'Sat, 23 Feb 1985 12:00:00 GMT'
'firstname': 'Julia',
'lastname': 'Red',
'role': ['copy'],
'location': {'address': '98 Yatch Road', 'city': 'San Francisco'},
'born': 'Sun, 20 Jul 1980 11:00:00 GMT'
'firstname': 'Anne',
'lastname': 'White',
'role': ['contributor', 'copy'],
'location': {'address': '32 Joseph Street', 'city': 'Ashfield'},
'born': 'Fri, 25 Sep 1970 10:00:00 GMT'
r = perform_post('people', json.dumps(people))
print "'people' posted", r.status_code
valids = []
if r.status_code == 201:
response = r.json()
if response['_status'] == 'OK':
for person in response['_items']:
if person['_status'] == "OK":
return valids
def post_works(ids):
works = []
for i in range(28):
'title': 'Book Title #%d' % i,
'description': 'Description #%d' % i,
'owner': random.choice(ids),
r = perform_post('works', json.dumps(works))
print "'works' posted", r.status_code
def perform_post(resource, data):
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
return, data, headers=headers)
def delete():
r = perform_delete('people')
print "'people' deleted", r.status_code
r = perform_delete('works')
print "'works' deleted", r.status_code
def perform_delete(resource):
return requests.delete(endpoint(resource))
def endpoint(resource):
return 'http://%s/%s/' % (
ENTRY_POINT if not sys.argv[1:] else sys.argv[1], resource)
if __name__ == '__main__':
ids = post_people()