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Glances Version 2
Version 2.11.1
* [WebUI] Sensors not showing on Web (issue #1142)
* Client and Quiet mode don't work together (issue #1139)
Version 2.11
Enhancements and new features:
* New export plugin: standard and configurable Restfull exporter (issue #1129)
* Add a JSON export module (issue #1130)
* [WIP] Refactoring of the WebUI
Bugs corrected:
* Installing GPU plugin crashes entire Glances (issue #1102)
* Potential memory leak in Windows WebUI (issue #1056)
* glances_network `OSError: [Errno 19] No such device` (issue #1106)
* GPU plugin. <class 'TypeError'>: ... not JSON serializable"> (issue #1112)
* PermissionError on macOS (issue #1120)
* Cant move up or down in glances --browser (issue #1113)
* Unable to give aliases to or hide network interfaces and disks (issue #1126)
* `UnicodeDecodeError` on mountpoints with non-breaking spaces (issue #1128)
* Create a Snap of Glances (issue #1101)
Version 2.10
Enhancements and new features:
* New plugin to scan remote Web sites (URL) (issue #981)
* Add trends in the Curses interface (issue #1077)
* Add new repeat function to the action (issue #952)
* Use -> and <- arrows keys to switch between processing sort (issue #1075)
* Refactor __init__ and main scripts (issue #1050)
* [WebUI] Improve WebUI for Windows 10 (issue #1052)
Bugs corrected:
* StatsD export prefix option is ignored (issue #1074)
* Some FS and LAN metrics fail to export correctly to StatsD (issue #1068)
* Problem with non breaking space in file system name (issue #1065)
* TypeError: string indices must be integers (Network plugin) (issue #1054)
* No Offline status for timeouted ports? (issue #1084)
* When exporting, uptime values loop after 1 day (issue #1092)
* Create a script to generate .DEB, .RPM and others... (issue #722)
* OSX: can't python install due to python 3.5 constraint (issue #1064)
Version 2.9.1
Bugs corrected:
* Glances PerCPU issues with Curses UI on Android (issue #1071)
* Remove extra } in format string (issue #1073)
Version 2.9.0
Enhancements and new features:
* Add a Prometheus export module (issue #930)
* Add a Kafka export module (issue #858)
* Port in the -c URI (-c hostname:port) (issue #996)
Bugs corrected:
* On Windows --export-statsd terminates immediately and does not export (issue #1067)
* Glances v2.8.7 issues with Curses UI on Android (issue #1053)
* Fails to start, OSError in sensors_temperatures (issue #1057)
* Crashs after long time running the glances --browser (issue #1059)
* Sensor values don't refresh since psutil backend (issue #1061)
* glances-version.db Permission denied (issue #1066)
Version 2.8.8
Bugs corrected:
* Drop requests to check for outdated Glances version
* Glances cannot load "Powersupply" (issue #1051)
Version 2.8.7
Bugs corrected:
* Windows OS - Global name standalone not defined again (issue #1030)
Version 2.8.6
Bugs corrected:
* Windows OS - Global name standalone not defined (issue #1030)
Version 2.8.5
Bugs corrected:
* Cloud plugin error: Name 'requests' is not defined (issue #1047)
Version 2.8.4
Bugs corrected:
* Correct issue on Travis CI test
Version 2.8.3
Enhancements and new features:
* Use new sensors-related APIs of Psutil 5.1.0 (issue #1018)
* Add a "Cloud" plugin to grab stats inside the AWS EC2 API (issue #1029)
Bugs corrected:
* Unable to launch Glances on Windows (issue #1021)
* Glances --export-influxdb starts Webserver (issue #1038)
* Cut mount point name if it is too long (issue #1045)
* TypeError: string indices must be integers in per cpu (issue #1027)
* Glances crash on RPi 1 running ArchLinuxARM (issue #1046)
Version 2.8.2
Bugs corrected:
* InfluxDB export in 2.8.1 is broken (issue #1026)
Version 2.8.1
Enhancements and new features:
* Enable docker plugin on Windows (issue #1009) - Thanks to @fraoustin
Bugs corrected:
* Glances export issue with CPU and SENSORS (issue #1024)
* Can't export data to a CSV file in Client/Server mode (issue #1023)
* Autodiscover error while binding on IPv6 addresses (issue #1002)
* GPU plugin is display when hitting '4' or '5' shortkeys (issue #1012)
* Interrupts and usb_fiq (issue #1007)
* Docker image does not work in web server mode! (issue #1017)
* IRQ plugin is not display anymore (issue #1013)
* Autodiscover error while binding on IPv6 addresses (issue #1002)
Version 2.8
* The curses interface on Windows is no more. The web-based interface is now
the default. (issue #946)
* The name of the log file now contains the name of the current user logged in,
i.e., 'glances-USERNAME.log'.
* IRQ plugin off by default. '--disable-irq' option replaced by '--enable-irq'.
Enhancements and new features:
* GPU monitoring (limited to NVidia) (issue #170)
* WebUI CPU consumption optimization (issue #836)
* Not compatible with the new Docker API 2.0 (Docker 1.13) (issue #1000)
* Add ZeroMQ exporter (issue #939)
* Add CouchDB exporter (issue #928)
* Add hotspot Wifi informations (issue #937)
* Add default interface speed and automatic rate thresolds (issue #718)
* Highlight max stats in the processes list (issue #878)
* Docker alerts and actions (issue #875)
* Glances API returns the processes PPID (issue #926)
* Configure server cached time from the command line --cached-time (issue #901)
* Make the log logger configurable (issue #900)
* System uptime in export (issue #890)
* Refactor the --disable-* options (issue #948)
* PID column too small if kernel.pid_max is > 99999 (issue #959)
Bugs corrected:
* Glances RAID plugin Traceback (issue #927)
* Default AMP crashes when 'command' given (issue #933)
* Default AMP ignores `enable` setting (issue #932)
* /proc/interrupts not found in an OpenVZ container (issue #947)
Version 2.7.1
Bugs corrected:
* AMP plugin crashs on start with Python 3 (issue #917)
* Ports plugin crashs on start with Python 3 (issue #918)
Version 2.7
Backward-incompatible changes:
* Drop support for Python 2.6 (issue #300)
* Monitoring process list module is replaced by AMP (see issue #780)
* Use --export-graph instead of --enable-history (issue #696)
* Use --path-graph instead of --path-history (issue #696)
Enhancements and new features:
* Add Application Monitoring Process plugin (issue #780)
* Add a new "Ports scanner" plugin (issue #734)
* Add a new IRQ monitoring plugin (issue #911)
* Improve IP plugin to display public IP address (issue #646)
* CPU additionnal stats monitoring: Context switch, Interrupts... (issue #810)
* Filter processes by others stats (username) (issue #748)
* [Folders] Differentiate permission issue and non-existence of a directory (issue #828)
* [Web UI] Add cpu name in quicklook plugin (issue #825)
* Allow theme to be set in configuration file (issue #862)
* Display a warning message when Glances is outdated (issue #865)
* Refactor stats history and export to graph. History available through API (issue #696)
* Add Cassandra/Scylla export plugin (issue #857)
* Huge pull request by Nicolas Hart to optimize the WebUI (issue #906)
* Improve documentation: (issue #872)
Bugs corrected:
* Crash on launch when viewing temperature of laptop HDD in sleep mode (issue #824)
* [Web UI] Fix folders plugin never displayed (issue #829)
* Correct issue IP plugin: VPN with no internet access (issue #842)
* Idle process is back on FreeBSD and Windows (issue #844)
* On Windows, Glances try to display unexisting Load stats (issue #871)
* Check CPU info (issue #881)
* Unicode error on processlist on Windows server 2008 (french) (issue #886)
* PermissionError/OSError when starting glances (issue #885)
* Zeroconf problem with zeroconf_type = "_%s._tcp." % __appname__ (issue #888)
* Zeroconf problem with zeroconf service name (issue #889)
* [WebUI] Glances will not get past loading screen - Windows OS (issue #815)
* Improper bytes/unicode in (issue #887)
* Top 3 processes are back in the alert summary
Code quality follow up: from 5.93 to 6.24 (source:
Version 2.6.2
Bugs corrected:
* Crash with Docker 1.11 (issue #848)
Version 2.6.1
Enhancements and new features:
* Add a connector to Riemann (issue #822 by Greogo Nagy)
Bugs corrected:
* Browsing for servers which are in the [serverlist] is broken (issue #819)
* [WebUI] Glances will not get past loading screen (issue #815) opened 9 days ago
* Python error after upgrading from 2.5.1 to 2.6 bug (issue #813)
Version 2.6
* Add deprecation warning for Python 2.6.
Python 2.6 support will be dropped in future releases.
Please switch to at least Python 2.7 or 3.3+ as soon as possible.
See for more information.
Enhancements and new features:
* Add a connector to ElasticSearch (welcome to Kibana dashboard) (issue #311)
* New folders' monitoring plugins (issue #721)
* Use wildcard (regexp) to the hide configuration option for network, diskio and fs sections (issue #799 )
* Command line arguments are now take into account in the WebUI (#789 by @notFloran)
* Change username for server and web server authentication (issue #693)
* Add an option to disable top menu (issue #766)
* Add IOps in the DiskIO plugin (issue #763)
* Add hide configuration key for FS Plugin (issue #736)
* Add process summary min/max stats (issue #703)
* Add timestamp to the CSV export module (issue #708)
* Add a shortcut 'E' to delete process filter (issue #699)
* By default, hide disk I/O ram1-** (issue #714)
* When Glances is starting the notifications should be delayed (issue #732)
* Add option (--disable-bg) to disable ANSI background colours (issue #738 by okdana)
* [WebUI] add "pointer" cursor for sortable columns (issue #704 by @notFloran)
* [WebUI] Make web page title configurable (issue #724)
* Do not show interface in down state (issue #765)
* InfluxDB > 0.9.3 needs float and not int for numerical value (issue#749 and issue#750 by nicolargo)
Bugs corrected:
* Can't read sensors on a Thinkpad (issue #711)
* InfluxDB/OpenTSDB: tag parsing broken (issue #713)
* Grafana Dashboard outdated for InfluxDB 0.9.x (issue #648)
* '--tree' breaks process filter on Debian 8 (issue #768)
* Fix highlighting of process when it contains whitespaces (issue #546 by Alessio Sergi)
* Fix RAID support in Python 3 (issue #793 by Alessio Sergi)
* Use dict view objects to avoid issue (issue #758 by Alessio Sergi)
* System exit if Cpu not supported by the Cpuinfo lib (issue #754 by nicolargo)
* KeyError: 'cpucore' when exporting data to InfluxDB (issue #729) by nicolargo)
* A new Glances docker container to monitor your Docker infrastructure is available here (issue #728):
* Documentation is now generated automatically thanks to Sphinx and the Alessio Sergi patch (
Contributors summary:
* Nicolas Hennion: 112 commits
* Alessio Sergi: 55 commits
* Floran Brutel: 19 commits
* Nicolas Hart: 8 commits
* @desbma: 4 commits
* @dana: 2 commits
* Damien Martin, Raju Kadam, @georgewhewell: 1 commit
Version 2.5.1
Bugs corrected:
* Unable to unlock password protected servers in browser mode bug (issue #694)
* Correct issue when Glances is started in console on Windows OS
* [WebUI] when alert is ongoing hide level enhancement (issue #692)
Version 2.5
Enhancements and new features:
* Allow export of Docker and sensors plugins stats to InfluxDB, StatsD... (issue #600)
* Docker plugin shows IO and network bitrate (issue #520)
* Server password configuration for the browser mode (issue #500)
* Add support for OpenTSDB export (issue #638)
* Add additional stats (iowait, steal) to the perCPU plugin (issue #672)
* Support Fahrenheit unit in the sensor plugin using the --fahrenheit command line option (issue #620)
* When a process filter is set, display sum of CPU, MEM... (issue #681)
* Improve the QuickLookplugin by adding hardware CPU info (issue #673)
* WebUI display a message if server is not available (issue #564)
* Display an error if export is not used in the standalone/client mode (issue #614)
* New --disable-quicklook, --disable-cpu, --disable-mem, --disable-swap, --disable-load tags (issue #631)
* Complete refactoring of the WebUI thanks to the (awesome) Floran pull (issue #656)
* Network cumulative /combination feature available in the WebUI (issue #552)
* IRIX mode off implementation (issue#628)
* Short process name displays arguments (issue #609)
* Server password configuration for the browser mode (issue #500)
* Display an error if export is not used in the standalone/client mode (issue #614)
Bugs corrected:
* The WebUI displays bad sensors stats (issue #632)
* Filter processes crashs with a bad regular expression pattern (issue #665)
* Error with IP plugin (issue #651)
* Crach with Docker plugin (issue #649)
* Docker plugin crashs with webserver mode (issue #654)
* Infrequently crashing due to assert (issue #623)
* Value for free disk space is counterintuative on ext file systems (issue #644)
* Try/catch for unexpected psutil.NoSuchProcess: process no longer exists (issue #432)
* Fatal error using Python 3.4 and Docker plugin bug (issue #602)
* Add missing new line before g man option (issue #595)
* Remove unnecessary type="text/css" for link (HTML5) (issue #595)
* Correct server mode issue when no network interface is available (issue #528)
* Avoid crach on olds kernels (issue #554)
* Avoid crashing if LC_ALL is not defined by user (issue #517)
* Add a disable HDD temperature option on the command line (issue #515)
Version 2.4.2
Bugs corrected:
* Process no longer exists (again) (issue #613)
* Crash when "top extended stats" is enabled on OS X (issue #612)
* Graphical percentage bar displays "?" (issue #608)
* Quick look doesn't work (issue #605)
* [Web UI] Display empty Battery sensors enhancement (issue #601)
* [Web UI] Per CPU plugin has to be improved (issue #566)
Version 2.4.1
Bugs corrected:
* Fatal error using Python 3.4 and Docker plugin bug (issue #602)
Version 2.4
* Glances doesn't provide a system-wide configuration file by default anymore.
Just copy it in any of the supported locations. See glances-doc.html for
more information. (issue #541)
* The default key bindings have been changed to:
- 'u': sort processes by USER
- 'U': show cumulative network I/O
* No more translations
Enhancements and new features:
* The Web user interface is now based on AngularJS (issue #473, #508, #468)
* Implement a 'quick look' plugin (issue #505)
* Add sort processes by USER (issue #531)
* Add a new IP information plugin (issue #509)
* Add RabbitMQ export module (issue #540 Thk to @Katyucha)
* Add a quiet mode (-q), can be useful using with export module
* Grab FAN speed in the Glances sensors plugin (issue #501)
* Allow logical mounts points in the FS plugin (issue #448)
* Add a --disable-hddtemp to disable HDD temperature module at startup (issue #515)
* Increase alert minimal delay to 6 seconds (issue #522)
* If the Curses application raises an exception, restore the terminal correctly (issue #537)
Bugs corrected:
* Monitor list, all processes are take into account (issue #507)
* Duplicated --enable-history in the doc (issue #511)
* Sensors title is displayed if no sensors are detected (issue #510)
* Server mode issue when no network interface is available (issue #528)
* DEBUG mode activated by default with Python 2.6 (issue #512)
* Glances display of time trims the hours showing only minutes and seconds (issue #543)
* Process list header not decorating when sorting by command (issue #551)
Version 2.3
Enhancements and new features:
* Add the Docker plugin (issue #440) with per container CPU and memory monitoring (issue #490)
* Add the RAID plugin (issue #447)
* Add actions on alerts (issue #132). It is now possible to run action (command line) by triggers. Action could contain {{tag}} (Mustache) with stat value.
* Add InfluxDB export module (--export-influxdb) (issue #455)
* Add StatsD export module (--export-statsd) (issue #465)
* Refactor export module (CSV export option is now --export-csv). It is now possible to export stats from the Glances client mode (issue #463)
* The Web inteface is now based on Bootstrap / RWD grid (issue #417, #366 and #461) Thanks to Nicolas Hart @nclsHart
* It is now possible, through the configuration file, to define if an alarm should be logged or not (using the _log option) (issue #437)
* You can now set alarm for Disk IO
* API: add getAllLimits and getAllViews methods (issue #481) and allow CORS request (issue #479)
* SNMP client support NetApp appliance (issue #394)
Bugs corrected:
* R/W error with the glances.log file (issue #474)
Other enhancement:
* Alert < 3 seconds are no longer displayed
Version 2.2.1
* Fix incorrect kernel thread detection with --hide-kernel-threads (issue #457)
* Handle IOError exception if no /etc/os-release to use Glances on Synology DSM (issue #458)
* Check issue error in client/server mode (issue #459)
Version 2.2
Enhancements and new features:
* Add centralized curse interface with a Glances servers list to monitor (issue #418)
* Add processes tree view (--tree) (issue #444)
* Improve graph history feature (issue #69)
* Extended stats is disable by default (use --enable-process-extended to enable it - issue #430)
* Add a short key ('F') and a command line option (--fs-free-space) to display FS free space instead of used space (issue #411)
* Add a short key ('2') and a command line option (--disable-left-sidebar) to disable/enable the side bar (issue #429)
* Add CPU times sort short key ('t') in the curse interface (issue #449)
* Refactor operating system detection for GNU/Linux operating system
* Code optimization
Bugs corrected:
* Correct a bug with Glances pip install --user (issue #383)
* Correct issue on battery stat update (issue #433)
* Correct issue on process no longer exist (issues #414 and #432)
Version 2.1.2
Maintenance version (only needed for Mac OS X).
Bugs corrected:
* Mac OS X: Error if Glances is not ran with sudo (issue #426)
Version 2.1.1
* Automaticaly compute top processes number for the current screen (issue #408)
* CPU and Memory footprint optimization (issue #401)
Bugs corrected:
* Mac OS X 10.9: Exception at start (issue #423)
* Process no longer exists (issue #421)
* Error with Glances Client with Python 3.4.1 (issue #419)
* TypeError: memory_maps() takes exactly 2 arguments (issue #413)
* No filesystem informations since Glances 2.0 bug enhancement (issue #381)
Version 2.1
* Add user process filter feature
User can define a process filter pattern (as a regular expression).
The pattern could be defined from the command line (-f <pattern>)
or by pressing the ENTER key in the curse interface.
For the moment, process filter feature is only available in standalone mode.
* Add extended processes informations for top process
Top process stats availables: CPU affinity, extended memory information (shared, text, lib, datat, dirty, swap), open threads/files and TCP/UDP network sessions, IO nice level
For the moment, extended processes stats are only available in standalone mode.
* Add --process-short-name tag and '/' key to switch between short/command line
* Create a max_processes key in the configuration file
The goal is to reduce the number of displayed processes in the curses UI and
so limit the CPU footprint of the Glances standalone mode.
The API always return all the processes, the key is only active in the curses UI.
If the key is not define, all the processes will be displayed.
The default value is 20 (processes displayed).
For the moment, this feature is only available in standalone mode.
* Alias for network interfaces, disks and sensors
Users can configure alias from the Glances configuration file.
* Add Glances log message (in the /tmp/glances.log file)
The default log level is INFO, you can switch to the DEBUG mode using the -d option on the command line.
* Add RESTFul API to the Web server mode
RestFul API doc:
* Improve SNMP fallback mode for Cisco IOS, VMware ESXi
* Add --theme-white feature to optimize display for white background
* Experimental history feature (--enable-history option on the command line)
This feature allows users to generate graphs within the curse interface.
Graphs are available for CPU, LOAD and MEM.
To generate graph, click on the 'g' key.
To reset the history, press the 'r' key.
Note: This feature uses the matplotlib library.
* CI: Improve Travis coverage
Bugs corrected:
* Quitting glances leaves a column layout to the current terminal (issue #392)
* Glances crashes with malformed UTF-8 sequences in process command lines (issue #391)
* SNMP fallback mode is not Python 3 compliant (issue #386)
* Trouble using batinfo, hddtemp, pysensors w/ Python (issue #324)
Version 2.0.1
Maintenance version.
Bugs corrected:
* Error when displaying numeric process user names (#380)
* Display users without username correctly (#379)
* Bug when parsing configuration file (#378)
* The sda2 partition is not seen by glances (#376)
* Client crash if server is ended during XML request (#375)
* Error with the Sensors module on Debian/Ubuntu (#373)
* Windows don't view all processes (#319)
Version 2.0
Glances v2.0 is not a simple upgrade of the version 1.x but a complete code refactoring.
Based on a plugins system, it aims at providing an easy way to add new features.
- Core defines the basics and commons functions.
- all stats are grabbed through plugins (see the glances/plugins source folder).
- also outputs methods (Curse, Web mode, CSV) are managed as plugins.
The Curse interface is almost the same than the version 1.7. Some improvements have been made:
- space optimisation for the CPU, LOAD and MEM stats (justified alignment)
- CPU:
. CPU stats are displayed as soon as Glances is started
. steal CPU alerts are no more logged
. 5 min LOAD alerts are no more logged
- File System:
. Display the device name (if space is available)
- Sensors:
. Sensors and HDD temperature are displayed in the same block
- Process list:
. Refactor columns: CPU%, MEM%, VIRT, RES, PID, USER, NICE, STATUS, TIME, IO, Command/name
. The running processes status is highlighted
. The process name is highlighted in the command line
Glances 2.0 brings a brand new Web Interface. You can run Glances in Web server mode and
consult the stats directly from a standard Web Browser.
The client mode can now fallback to a simple SNMP mode if Glances server is not found on the remote machine.
Complete release notes:
* Cut ifName and DiskName if they are too long in the curses interface (by Nicolargo)
* Windows CLI is OK but early experimental (by Nicolargo)
* Add bitrate limits to the networks interfaces (by Nicolargo)
* Batteries % stats are now in the sensors list (by Nicolargo)
* Refactor the client/server password security: using SHA256 (by Nicolargo,
based on Alessio Sergi's example script)
* Refactor the CSV output (by Nicolargo)
* Glances client fallback to SNMP server if Glances one not found (by Nicolargo)
* Process list: Highlight running/basename processes (by Alessio Sergi)
* New Web server mode thk to the Bottle library (by Nicolargo)
* Responsive design for Bottle interface (by Nicolargo)
* Remove HTML output (by Nicolargo)
* Enable/disable for optional plugins through the command line (by Nicolargo)
* Refactor the API (by Nicolargo)
* Load-5 alert are no longer logged (by Nicolargo)
* Rename In/Out by Read/Write for DiskIO according to #339 (by Nicolargo)
* Migrate from pysensors to py3sensors (by Alessio Sergi)
* Migration to PsUtil 2.x (by Nicolargo)
* New plugins system (by Nicolargo)
* Python 2.x and 3.x compatibility (by Alessio Sergi)
* Code quality improvements (by Alessio Sergi)
* Refactor unitaries tests (by Nicolargo)
* Development now follow the git flow workflow (by Nicolargo)
Glances Version 1
Version 1.7.7
* Fix CVS export [issue #348]
* Adapt to PSUtil 2.1.1
* Compatibility with Python 3.4
* Improve German update
Version 1.7.6
* Adapt to psutil 2.0.0 API
* Fixed psutil 0.5.x support on Windows
* Fix help screen in 80x24 terminal size
* Implement toggle of process list display ('z' key)
Version 1.7.5
* Force the Pypi installer to use the PsUtil branch 1.x (#333)
Version 1.7.4
* Add threads number in the task summary line (#308)
* Add system uptime (#276)
* Add CPU steal % to cpu extended stats (#309)
* You can hide disk from the IOdisk view using the conf file (#304)
* You can hide network interface from the Network view using the conf file
* Optimisation of CPU consumption (around ~10%)
* Correct issue #314: Client/server mode always asks for password
* Correct issue #315: Defining password in client/server mode doesn't work as intended
* Correct issue #316: Crash in client server mode
* Correct issue #318: Argument parser, try-except blocks never get triggered
Version 1.7.3
* Add --password argument to enter the client/server password from the prompt
* Fix an issue with the configuration file path (#296)
* Fix an issue with the HTML template (#301)
Version 1.7.2
* Console interface is now Microsoft Windows compatible (thk to @fraoustin)
* Update documentation and Wiki regarding the API
* Added package name for python sources/headers in openSUSE/SLES/SLED
* Add FreeBSD packager
* Bugs corrected
Version 1.7.1
* Fix IoWait error on FreeBSD / Mac OS
* HDDTemp module is now Python v3 compatible
* Don't warn a process is not running if countmin=0
* Add Pypi badge on the README.rst
* Update documentation
* Add document structure for
Version 1.7
* Add monitored processes list
* Add hard disk temperature monitoring (thanks to the HDDtemp daemon)
* Add batteries capacities information (thanks to the Batinfo lib)
* Add command line argument -r toggles processes (reduce CPU usage)
* Add command line argument -1 to run Glances in per CPU mode
* Platform/architecture is more specific now
* XML-RPC server: Add IPv6 support for the client/server mode
* Add support for local conf file
* Add a uninstall script
* Add getNetTimeSinceLastUpdate() getDiskTimeSinceLastUpdate() and getProcessDiskTimeSinceLastUpdate() in the API
* Add more translation: Italien, Chinese
* and last but not least... up to 100 hundred bugs corrected / software and
* docs improvements
Version 1.6.1
* Add per-user settings (configuration file) support
* Add -z/--nobold option for better appearance under Solarized terminal
* Key 'u' shows cumulative net traffic
* Work in improving autoUnit
* Take into account the number of core in the CPU process limit
* API improvment add time_since_update for disk, process_disk and network
* Improve help display
* Add more dummy FS to the ignore list
* Code refactory: PsUtil < 0.4.1 is depredicated (Thk to Alessio)
* Correct a bug on the CPU process limit
* Fix crash bug when specifying custom server port
* Add Debian style init script for the Glances server
Version 1.6
* Configuration file: user can defines limits
* In client/server mode, limits are set by the server side
* Display limits in the help screen
* Add per process IO (read and write) rate in B per second
IO rate only available on Linux from a root account
* If CPU iowait alert then sort by processes by IO rate
* Per CPU display IOwait (if data is available)
* Add password for the client/server mode (-P password)
* Process column style auto (underline) or manual (bold)
* Display a sort indicator (is space is available)
* Change the table key in the help screen
Version 1.5.2
* Add sensors module (enable it with -e option)
* Improve CPU stats (IO wait, Nice, IRQ)
* More stats in lower space (yes it's possible)
* Refactor processes list and count (lower CPU/MEM footprint)
* Add functions to the RCP method
* Completed unit test
* and fixes...
Version 1.5.1
* Patch for PsUtil 0.4 compatibility
* Test PsUtil version before running Glances
Version 1.5
* Add a client/server mode (XMLRPC) for remote monitoring
* Correct a bug on process IO with non root users
* Add 'w' shortkey to delete finished warning message
* Add 'x' shortkey to delete finished warning/critical message
* Bugs correction
* Code optimization
* Add switch between bit/sec and byte/sec for network IO
* Add Changelog (generated with gitchangelog)
* Minor patch to solve memomy issue (#94) on Mac OS X
Version 1.4.2
* Use the new virtual_memory() and virtual_swap() fct (PsUtil)
* Display "Top process" in logs
* Minor patch on man page for Debian packaging
* Code optimization (less try and except)
* Minor patch to disable Process IO for OS X (not available in PsUtil)
Version 1.4.1
* Per core CPU stats (if space is available)
* Add Process IO Read/Write information (if space is available)
* Uniformize units
Version 1.4
* Goodby StatGrab... Welcome to the PsUtil library !
* No more autotools, use to install (or package)
* Only major stats (CPU, Load and memory) use background colors
* Improve operating system name detection
* New system info: one-line layout and add Arch Linux support
* No decimal places for values < GB
* New memory and swap layout
* Add percentage of usage for both memory and swap
* Add MEM% usage, NICE, STATUS, UID, PID and running TIME per process
* Add sort by MEM% ('m' key)
* Add sort by Process name ('p' key)
* Multiple minor fixes, changes and improvements
* Disable Disk IO module from the command line (-d)
* Disable Mount module from the command line (-m)
* Disable Net rate module from the command line (-n)
* Improved FreeBSD support
* Cleaning code and style
* Code is now checked with pep8
* CSV and HTML output (experimental functions, no yet documentation)
Version 1.3.7
* Display (if terminal space is available) an alerts history (logs)
* Add a limits classe to manage stats limits
* Manage black and white console (issue #31)
Version 1.3.6
* Add control before libs import
* Change static Python path (issue #20)
* Correct a bug with a network interface disaippear (issue #27)
* Add French and Spanish translation (thx to Jean Bob)
Version 1.3.5
* Add an help panel when Glances is running (key: 'h')
* Add keys descriptions in the syntax (--help | -h)
Version 1.3.4
* New key: 'n' to enable/disable network stats
* New key: 'd' to enable/disable disk IO stats
* New key: 'f' to enable/disable FS stats
* Reorganised the screen when stat are not available|disable
* Force Glances to use the enmbeded fs stats (issue #16)
Version 1.3.3
* Automatically swith between process short and long name
* Center the host / system information
* Always put the hour/date in the bottom/right
* Correct a bug if there is a lot of Disk/IO
* Add control about available libstatgrab functions
Version 1.3.2
* Add alert for network bit rate°
* Change the caption
* Optimised net, disk IO and fs display (share the space)
Disable on Ubuntu because the libstatgrab return a zero value
for the network interface speed.
Version 1.3.1
* Add alert on load (depend on number of CPU core)
* Fix bug when the FS list is very long
Version 1.3
* Add file system stats (total and used space)
* Adapt unit dynamically (K, M, G)
* Add man page (Thanks to Edouard Bourguignon)
Version 1.2
* Resize the terminal and the windows are adapted dynamically
* Refresh screen instantanetly when a key is pressed
Version 1.1.3
* Add disk IO monitoring
* Add caption
* Correct a bug when computing the bitrate with the option -t
* Catch CTRL-C before init the screen (Bug #2)
* Check if = 0 before division (Bug #1)