How to contribute to Glances ?

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Glances development factory uses the spirit of the the 'git flow' workflow:

The following branches are available:

  • master: this is the master and stable branch, all the continuous integration is based on this branch. Nothing should be pulled request on this branch.
  • develop: this is the main development branch for Glances 3.x. The pull request for news features should be done on this branch.
  • release/glances2: this is the maintenance branch for Glances 2.x. Only hotfix pull request could be done on this branch.

Clone the Glances repository

First of all, you have to clone the Glances repository to your computer:

git clone

Note: replace USERNAME by your Github login name.

Add the main repository as upstream

git remote add upstream

Clone the Glances repository

Update your repository with the upstream:

git fetch upstream

Add a new feature ?

Alls news features should be made from the DEVELOP branch.

git checkout develop

Create the feature branch:

git checkout -b NEWFEATURE

Note: replace NEWFEATURE by your feature name

It's time to code...

Your code should be PEP compliant. Here are my Atom's packages:

  • autocomplete-python
  • linter-pycodestyle
  • linter-pydocstyle
  • linter-python-pep8
  • python-indent
  • python-tools

Commit your branch:

git commit -a -m "Description"

Get latest works from others developer:

git pull origin feature/NEWFEATURE

Push it:

git push origin feature/NEWFEATURE

Send a message (in the relative issue thread), your code will be review by the Glances team. When all is good, use the pull request function in GitHub to propose your new feature.

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