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(Paired-End Bam to BED12 modified) BEDTools

Addition of a pairedBamToBed12 utility by Nicolas Bertin (OSC RIKEN Yokohama) to BEDTools Created by Aaron Quinlan Spring 2009.

Copyright 2009,2010,2011 Aaron Quinlan. All rights reserved. Released under GNU public license version 2 (GPL v2).



BEDTools is a collection of utilities for comparing, summarizing, and intersecting genomic features in BED, GTF/GFF, VCF and BAM formats. In this branch is added pairedBamToBed12 which converts a name sorted paired-end sequences bam file into a 2-block bed12 formatted file.


See the extensive PDF manual included at:

This manual covers many common usage examples. There are also examples available at: Note that the manual does not reflect the pairedBamToBed12 addition.


  1. Unpack the source downloaded tarball.
  2. cd into the expanded folder.
  3. Type "make clean" and hit enter.
  4. Type "make all" and hit enter.
  5. If you encountered no errors, then all of the BED Tools should now be in bin/ If not, try to troubleshoot then email me: aaronquinlan at gmail dot com
  6. Copy the files in bin/ to ~/bin or if you have the privileges, to /usr/local/bin.
  7. Use the tools.

List of available tools

Utility Description
intersectBed (BAM) Returns overlaps between two BED/GFF/VCF files.
pairToBed (BAM) Returns overlaps between a paired-end BED file and a regular BED/VCF/GFF file.
bamToBed (BAM) Converts BAM alignments to BED6, BED12, or BEDPE format.
bedToBam (BAM) Converts BED/GFF/VCF features to BAM format.
bed12ToBed6 Converts "blocked" BED12 features to discrete BED6 features.
bedToIgv Creates IGV batch scripts for taking multiple snapshots from BED/GFF/VCF features.
coverageBed (BAM) Summarizes the depth and breadth of coverage of features in one BED versus features (e.g, "windows", exons, etc.) defined in another BED/GFF/VCF file.
genomeCoverageBed (BAM) Creates either a histogram, BEDGRAPH, or a "per base" report of genome coverage.
unionBedGraphs Combines multiple BedGraph files into a single file, allowing coverage/other comparisons between them.
annotateBed Annotates one BED/VCF/GFF file with overlaps from many others.
groupBy Summarizes data in a file/stream based on common columns.
overlap Returns the number of bases pairs of overlap b/w two features on the same line.
*pairToPair * Returns overlaps between two paired-end BED files.
closestBed Returns the closest feature to each entry in a BED/GFF/VCF file.
subtractBed Removes the portion of an interval that is overlapped by another feature.
windowBed (BAM) Returns overlaps between two BED/VCF/GFF files based on a user-defined window.
mergeBed Merges overlapping features into a single feature.
complementBed Returns all intervals _not_ spanned by the features in a BED/GFF/VCF file.
fastaFromBed Creates FASTA sequences based on intervals in a BED/GFF/VCF file.
maskFastaFromBed Masks a FASTA file based on BED coordinates.
shuffleBed Randomly permutes the locations of a BED file among a genome.
slopBed Adjusts each BED entry by a requested number of base pairs.
sortBed Sorts a BED file by chrom, then start position. Other ways as well.
linksBed Creates an HTML file of links to the UCSC or a custom browser.
pairedBamToBed12 Convert a name sorted paired-end sequences bam file into a 2-block bed12 formatted file.


A powerful toolset for genome arithmetic.




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