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WebGL Action RPG

Welcome to the WARPG wiki!

This is a no class RPG. Skills rely on one or more aptitudes, and you can level up every aptitude. The power of a skill you use will be function of your level in aptitudes this skill relies on. You gain xp in aptitudes by using skills linked to them. When you level up an aptitude, all others aptitudes become harder to level up. The amount of XP needed to level up an aptitude is global. You first need 10 xp to level up an aptitude. Each time you level up an aptitude, the amount of xp needed for the next level increases by 2.

  • This game uses free art, contributors can be found in credits.
  • If you want to contribute, see how you can help.
  • News and updates can be found here.
  • Full sized screenshots can be found here.

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