A Linear Algebra Package for Smalltalk built upon LAPACK
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Smallapack provides a set of Smalltalk classes for handling numerical matrices, performing operations on them efficiently (by using BLAS library) and solving some linear algebra problems (by using LAPACK).

What is LAPACK? http://www.netlib.org/lapack is the famous Linear Algebra package. It provides many robust and efficient (in time and memory) functions for solving a range of problems (least squares, eigenvalues, etc...)

It relies on the existence of an optimized BLAS library for doing basic operations on Matrices and Vectors.

Smallapack has been implemented in 3 dialects Cincom Visualworks, Squeak/Pharo and Dolphin - see Availability.

Basic tutorials can be found on the wiki too.

Smallapack is licensed under MIT. See : http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT