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Anki on Android

This is the repository for Anki on Android. For more details see:

Future releases

The branches for future releases are:

To contribute, please base your changes on one of the two branches above and send a pull request.
Changes for a maintenance release are usually limited to bug fixes.
Close to a release, you might be asked to contribute to new features a next release.

Past releases

To browse the code of previous releases, use one of the tags:


AnkiDroid is developed using release branches.
Each upcoming release has a named branch with the "-dev" suffix.
To contribute, you should clone this repository and build on top of one of the release branches.

Step 1: Fork the repository

Go to the ankidroid organization repository and click the Fork button at the top of the main repository page to create your own fork.

Step 2: Check out the repository

Follow the Github instructions to check out a copy of your repository.

Add the AnkiDroid repository as a remote:
git remote add ankidroid git://github.com/ankidroid/Anki-Android.git

Step 3: Start a feature branch

Fetch the latest version of the AnkiDroid repository:
git fetch ankidroid

Create a new feature branch for what you want to contribute:
git checkout --no-track ankidroid/v2.1-dev -b feature-name

Step 4: Make your changes

At this point, you should edit the code and commit your changes.
It is best to create a single commit with all the changes you want to contribute.
If you created multiple commits, you can use git rebase to merge them into a single one.

Step 5: Send a pull request

You can now make a Pull request using the button at the top of your repository page.
Make sure the request is made against the correct release branch, e.g., v2.1-dev in the example above.