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DataSpace Sync

DataSpace Sync allows you to keep in sync with your DataSpace (CMIS) repository. See:


DataSpace Sync is Open Source software and licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. You are welcome to change and redistribute it under certain conditions. For more information see the legal/LICENSE file.


We are looking for volunteers! See how to get started developing DataSpace Sync or CmisSync

Integration Testing

$ git submodule init $ git submodule update $ make -f $ ./configure --with-test-url=http://localhost:8080/cmis/atom11 --with-test-binding=atompub --with-test-repoid=0a03fd20-689b-11e3-942b-5254008eefc5 --with-test-remotepath=/tmp --with-test-localpath=$HOME/tmp --with-test-user=jenkins --with-test-password=******** $ make $ cp -a Extras/DotCMIS.dll bin $ cp -a Extras/DotCMIS.dll.mdb bin $ ./nunit-console -labels -run=TestLibrary.IntegrationTests.PrivateWorkingCopyTests.CreateDocumentTests.CreateCheckedOutDocumentMustFailIfDocumentAlreadyExists bin/TestLibrary.dll