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= HostileWrt =

Warning: HostileWrt is a security audit tool and an education tool, not a toy. Conducting audits in envirnonment where unknown, foreign or other WiFi Access Points not owned by you or your corporation may cause liability and result in prosecution.

More Warning: HostileWrt is a powerful tool and can be quiet disturbing, please play nice and restrict your "wireless investigations" to your *OWN* networks using the following options when running

  --bssid BSSID      limit wireless exploration to this BSSID only

  --channel CHANNEL  limit wireless exploration to this CHANNEL only

== Flashing ==

Flash your FON2 or other WRT54G or OpenWRT compatible box with OpenWrt Kamikaze 8.09.1

== Connecting ==

 * Take IP address
 * Connect the ethernet cable to port "LAN"
 * Connect to it (by ssh)

== Install USB support ==

 # opkg install kmod-usb2
 # opkg install kmod-usb-storage

If you plan to use FAT / VFAT USB key (most common keys, formated as this filesystem by default), install:
 # opkg install kmod-fs-vfat

If you plan to use ext2 USB key (USB formated from Linux typically), install:
 # opkg install kmod-fs-ext2
 # opkg install kmod-nls-cp437
 # opkg install kmod-nls-iso8859-1

If you plan to use ext3 USB key (USB formated from Linux typically), install:
 # opkg install kmod-fs-ext3

You may have to restart your Fonera in order for the USB support to work properly.

== Install required tools ==

 # opkg install aircrack-ng
 # opkg install macchanger

== Get HostileWrt on your USB drive ==

See for directions on how to use SVN (Subversion) to get the latest version of HostileWrt scripts on your key.

== Running HostileWrt ==

 * Plug your USB key into the FON2 (or other hardware with USB)
 * cd into /mnt/usbdrive
 * cd into your directory with the HostileWrt scripts
 * Run
    # ./ &
 * Watch the result in hostile.log file
    # tail -f hostile.log
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