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Some useful script to wait until all services declared in a docker-compose file are up and running.
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Some useful script to wait until all services declared in a docker-compose file are up and running.

This script uses the health check mechanism provided since Docker 1.12. If your services have a configured health check, after making a docker-compose up -d you can simply call this script to have it wait until all your services health statuses are fixed. If they are all healthy it will return 0 if any of them is unhealthy (or Down) it will return -1.

This script can be useful, as example, in Continuous Integration or other situations when you just want to wait until a stack is deployed before performing other actions.

Please note this script does not do anything about dependencies startup order. See the official documentation for that problem.


pip install docker-compose-wait

This utility requires Python 2.7 or Python >= 3.3. It also supports docker-compose from version 1.10.


usage: [options]

Wait until all services in a docker-compose file are healthy. Options are
forwarded to docker-compose.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file FILE  Specify an alternate compose file (default: docker-
  -p PROJECT_NAME, --project-name PROJECT_NAME
                        Specify an alternate project name (default: directory
  -w, --wait            Wait for all the processes to stabilize before exit
                        (default behavior is to exit as soon as any of the
                        processes is unhealthy)
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        Max amount of time during which this command will run
                        (expressed using the same format than in docker-
                        compose.yml files, example: 5s, 10m,... ). If there is
                        a timeout this command will exit returning 1.
                        (default: wait for an infinite amount of time)

Basically it can be as simple as:


docker-compose-wait behaves like a docker-compose sub-command. It will forward the usual docker-compose command-line arguments. The above command will work fine if you previously ran docker-compose up -d by referencing the standard docker-compose.yml file. If you are using other files for your docker-compose configuration just use:

docker-compose-wait -f <path_to_yaml_file> -f <path_to_other_yaml_file> ...


See the license file.


See the contribution guide.

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