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Wordress Simple Bootstrap

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Simple Bootstrap is clean base theme to use Twitter Boostrap 4 with Wordpress, aimed at being a starting point for developers to build their own themes using Bootstrap.

  • Very clean default graphical aspect.
  • Clean code designed to be modified by theme creators.
  • All base features of Wordpress themes (sidebars, menus, footer, header image, background, etc...)
  • All the features of Bootstrap 4, perfectly integrated with Wordpress.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Designed to use SCSS.
  • Integrates Font-Awesome for the icons.


Extension guide

Let's state it clearly once and for all: trying to put some CSS above a pre-compiled Bootstrap is a very bad practice. The proper way to extend Bootstrap is to alter its behavior using SCSS and to re-compile it. Here is how to do so.


Install dependencies

npm install

Modify SCSS files

They are located in the scss folder.

Compile SCSS files

npm run build

Report issues and contribute

See the contribution guide.


See the license file.