A rapid-grading utility for short-form written response assignments
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Quick Grade

A rapid lab grading tool


Quick Grade aims to make grading short lab-style assignments faster and with less chance of bias. The main techniques used to accomplish this are a mix of established tactics for ensuring fairness and new strategies for accelerating the grading workflow. It is designed to read in a google-forms formatted csv file, though more formats for assignment submission will be supported in the future.

Though it can be used for any type of lab submissions, quick grade was originally conceived to enable an alternative lab assignment process in which students may submit labs multiple times, but must keep resubmitting until they demonstrate mastery of each topic. More on this strategy will be added to this doc soon.

Key Features (most of these are 'coming-soon')


  • No the need for physical organization and distribution of submissions. Takes up 0 desk space and no room in your office!
  • Instant export to csv for integrating into your existing digital gradebook (future: configurable export format)


  • Automatically randomizes grading order for each question.
  • "Horizontal" grading, a common but time consuming practice among many professors. Horizontal grading methods grade question-by-question, rather than student-by-student, to prevent a poor quality answer to one question from subconsciously biasing the grader on the next answer. Horizontal grading also helps the grader keep a single question in mind at a time, further preventing undesired grade variance.
    • Enhanced horizontal grading through multiple "rounds" of randomly ordered answers each question; averages are then calculated to ensure fluke scores are easily avoided.

Also: no server communication — everything is on your local computer so you can easily keep confidential data stafe and stay FERPA compliant.

Additional Planned Features

  • Mixed grading: have some questions automatically graded, while others are manually reviewed
  • Automatically highlight key words or phrases in your choice of colors, to quickly pinpoint problem (and success) areas.
  • Metrics on assignments and the course overall

Effectiveness Testing and Metrics

The initial trial (consisting of a version of quick grade hacked together to work for a single assignment) of this was very successful for the grader; students reported highly favorable qualitative responses to the format and turnaround time. However, once this more polished version is done, data will be gathered by professors and students to ascertain and enhance its effectiveness.