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Terrefète showcases a house to rent located in the Pyrénées, France. Only a handful of information was needed to be displayed, thus the website is built around a single landing page with different sections for each aspect of the place.


The website is making use of the fullPage.js library which grants full screen navigation with DOM elements being hidden until on the viewport. This allowed me to create interesting block animations on appear with some keyframes.


As in its current state the website doesn't host great quality photos of the house as they were all taken quite some ago with a medium quality camera. For the time being I made use of some pretty pictures from Unsplash to fill in the page, but it is planned to have better shots of the house taken this spring or summer which will replace the entirety of the current photos pool.

On the fonts side I used two fantastic fonts: Azo Sans for the paragraphs which is very easy and pleasant to read and made it contrast with Satisfy, a scripted style font which gaiety and very smooth curves go as a reminder of the mountains in a merry way.

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