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This project has been renamed nv-vimeo and is now hosted at :

Thanks !


EasyVimeo aims to be a very easy and Ruby wrapper around the Vimeo API.

With EasyVimeo, you can upload a video file to the Vimeo website and set its basic properties in a few lines of code.

What’s new ?

0.3.0 : updates to new Ruby Vimeo API with some cleanup. We don’t need curl anymore because the Ruby Vimeo API now uses HTTPClient to upload.


Send a video in just a few lines of code…

  v = :api_key => VIMEO_API_KEY, :secret_key => VIMEO_SECRET_KEY, :auth_token => VIMEO_AUTH_TOKEN
  v.title = "Ma great video"
  v.description = "Great cool video"
  v.tags = "youpi, super, cool"
  v.privacy = :anybody
  v.file = "/Users/nicolas/"

Or just get the attributes from an existing video…

  v = Vimeo::Easy.find 2052244, :api_key => VIMEO_API_KEY, :secret_key => VIMEO_SECRET_KEY

Other interesting methods…

  v.available? # => returns true if the video is currenly available on Vimeo (uploaded & transcoded)
  v.destroy    # => destroy the video
  v.reload     # => reload the attributes


Add some error management.

And that’s all for now ;). Thanks!


Copyright © 2009 Novelys & Promopixel. See LICENSE for details.

Written by Nicolas Blanco.

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