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Bell Schedule Countdown

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Saved by the!


Bell is a synchronized timer that counts down to the next time the bell rings at school. A live instance of this program is currently running at (formerly and This software continues to be developed by Los Altos High School alumni, nicolaschan and noloerino, who began working on it during their senior year of high school. The LAHS Hack Club helps to maintain the schedules for LAHS.

As seen in The Talon, the Los Altos High School student newspaper


  • Support for weekly schedules
  • Support for special schedules and holidays
  • Support for entering custom schedules
  • Support for fetching data from distributed sources
  • Automatic data refreshing and caching
  • Visual indicator of the proportion of the time elapsed in current period
  • Customizable theme and period names, stored client-side
  • Accurately synchronizes, even if client computer time is incorrect
  • Adjustable correction for use when the server time is not the exact same as the school time
  • Hits and errors are recorded to a database for analysis


Usage instructions are provided on our wiki.


screenshot customizable

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