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Key: # = backwards incompatible change, ! = new feature, - = bugfix.
1.4, unknown release date
# CSSTidy is now licensed under LGPL!
! csstidy->set_cfg now accept a single parameter, an associative array, to
set all configuration options
! Templates can now be loaded via set_cfg using the 'template' config
! csstidy_print->formatted_page added, returns a full XHTML page based
off of csstidy_print->formatted
! cssparsed.css created, contains just the CSS for formatted CSS output
! New CSS 3 units "ch" and "turn" added
! Unit tests added, requires Text_Diff (PEAR) and SimpleTest
! Some invalid selectors are now removed during optimization, this can
be turned off by setting 'discard_invalid_selectors' to false
- Added localizations for css_optimiser.php
- Fixed bug with cookie setting for custom templates
- Minor security problem in css_optimiser.php fixed
- Fixed bug with float handling in exotic locales
- Fixed bug with non-functioning getenv in ASAPI
- Fixed bug with bad hexadecimal syntax recovery
- At-selectors optimized by removing unnecessary url()
- Fixed optimisation: 1.0 was not optimised to 1
- Fixed incorrect parsing of !imporant close to numbers
- Allowed Copy to Clipboard for Firefox if preference set (if not, gives
instructions on how to add and warning re: security)